Alternative History


I stumbled across the Althistory Wiki ages ago and was pretty much blown away by the imagination and work that some people had been putting in. Good work people! And I wondered how I might be able to get involved...

At some point a few years back I started a novel set in an alternate timeline where Denmark was the European superpower, on the brink of descending into their version of the First World War. I didn't get very far with the actual writing of it but a lot of the features and ideas in it have slowly coalesced into all the stuff that appears in the wiki now under The Kalmar Union.

As for the novel... maybe I'll post what I wrote and the vague plot outline here at some point.

My Alt-Histories

The Kalmar Union

At some point I'll have the entire history of the world from 1000 - to present up and running. And then I'll destroy it all in a big war... maybe...!

ATL year -> OTL Year (in terms of technology etc)
2000 → 1900
1900 → 1825
1800 → 1750
1700 → 1675

I keep getting distracted! So I've set myself a plan, a to-do list for every month:

  • 1 European Country profile
  • 1 Leifian Country profile
  • 1 Monarch
  • 1 Person (Non-royal)
  • 1 Film
  • 1 Actor
  • 1 Random other article (Wars, cities etc)
  • Actually update Morgenstjernen

I think I can just about handle 7 articles a month plus anything that's distracted me recently.

Kalmar Sandbox

A few images I want to use at some point...

Hungary victorious at Lechfeld

This one's in draft at the moment. It won't be a sprawler like KU, just a one shot page and might see the light of day before Christmas '13 Easter '14 Christmas 14. Christmas '15 Christmas '17... erm... Christmas '21?

My favorite pages

  • Joan of Arc Beaten - I really like althistories about countries that never quite made it. Here, Burgundy, in OTL a collection of random medieval inheritances that were inherited by the Hapsburgs actually becomes an empire.