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Recent change

Recently, on the 13th October 2020, the Fandom had moved the original Althistory page form into the United Community Platform. I still, can edit my alternate timeline, but how to chat with other people concerning other, including your opinions? How do the talk page works right now?

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The  soccer team was made by the in 1937. It has some younger teams such as U-19; U-20; U-21 and U-23 Alaska. It had participated in 1950, 1954, 1990, 1994 and most recently, 2018 FIFA World Cup. The best result was the Bronze Medal in 2018 (defeating England). However, recently, most of the team's best players are in the New Archangel, which led to the protest of the football fans whether this is a fair contest or not? 

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A liberal Union in 1953

Well, not Khrushchev, nor Malenkov is liberal. But the one that you should know is L.Beria, 1st Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Ministers of the CCCP. Well, Beria was prosecuted for "serving foreign/Britain" interests, that means he's a liberal. I think if he came to power he will prosecuted Khrushchev and Malenkov (somehow), keep Stalin in Mausoleum and most of all, freed (nearly all) GULAG prisoners. He could let the Baltics independent and allowed German reunification in exchange for the Marshall Aid. Maybe Eisenhower/Truman supported it because this will increase the US interests by selling oil. I will make Beria's history in a positive way (which means that also change his OTL profile)

1. Marshall Aid and economic reforms

Since it…

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