Well, not Khrushchev, nor Malenkov is liberal. But the one that you should know is L.Beria, 1st Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Ministers of the CCCP. Well, Beria was prosecuted for "serving foreign/Britain" interests, that means he's a liberal. I think if he came to power he will prosecuted Khrushchev and Malenkov (somehow), keep Stalin in Mausoleum and most of all, freed (nearly all) GULAG prisoners. He could let the Baltics independent and allowed German reunification in exchange for the Marshall Aid. Maybe Eisenhower/Truman supported it because this will increase the US interests by selling oil. I will make Beria's history in a positive way

1. Marshall Aid

Since it became a market economy, Beria can get some money from the US. This will let to the CCCP's economic miracle like the Germans one. And maybe Soviet Union can be an ally with NATO (I won't think they will join). Second, since he had became a leader, he will get the position of Prime Minister and First Secretary. Because he became a liberal, he still have some conflict with China. However, the Soviet Union had more weapons than the US, so the US may demanded to have less weapons. Beria may refused but he will signed the NPP, I guess

Any advice for part 2 (the miracle)? Thanks a lot.

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