• Ace009

    Alright, so after a bit of tedious work, I finally have the opportunity to present a map of the world in 2100 according to the predictions of many users. However, the map is still incomplete, since I need to account for my final prediction of 2 of sea level rise by that point. Regardless, without further ado, Wikia's vision of the start of the next century. 

    Before anyone starts commenting: this is a map of geopolitical blocs by 2100. Some clarifications:

    • Orange and Light Orange = American Bloc
    • Red and Pink = Saudi Bloc
    • Dark and Light Brown = Iranian Bloc
    • Blue and Light Blue = EU Bloc
    • Green and Light Green = Russian Bloc
    • Indigo and Navy Blue = Chinese Bloc
    • Grey = Non-aligned

    Now, I do have to express that China's (original) inclusion into the Amer…

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  • Ace009

    Hello, gentlemen. As you can tell by the title on this page, I am thinking of turning the 1983: Doomsday timeline into a novel series, and I was thinking of getting the necessary approval for it first. So, for those of you interested, who wants a 1983: Doomsday novel series?

    All in favour, please refer to the following fake launch code on the comments:


    All opposed please refer to the following fake abort code:

    Abort Launch Charlie-001-3235-Delta-Hotel-Lima-Alpha

    Alright, so if you see this blog post, get to voting. A 50% majority is required to approve the launch of all ICBMs (metaphorically referring to the novel series). Good luck!

    NOTE: I reposted this due to the earlier grammatical error on the ti…

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  • Ace009

    In Infamy - SSC

    July 28, 2016 by Ace009

    In Infamy

    By Ace009 _________________________________________________

    7 December, 2002

    18:07 hours local time

    It was your average typical day in Jakarta. It was like this ever since the end of the Great War. A once booming city in the latter half of the 20th Century, empty now, with the streets covered in rubble, the corpses, and skeletons of man and extraterrestrial littering the streets, with buildings demolished by kinetic rods and some sections walled off by radiation. It seems so quiet now, Raja said to himself looking at the remains of his home: the apartment building his family used to live in when the War first began, with the apartment itself somewhere in the rubble.

    He began to enter the ruins of his childhood home, looking for scrap p…

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  • Ace009

    War Games: A Proposal

    March 22, 2016 by Ace009

    Alright, gentlemen. So, some time earlier in chat, I had the idea that we could play a new sort of game. A game where you could, instead of control nations, control generals in a conflict's threatre of war, whether it be in the OTL past or a fictional alternate historical scenario or just an entirely fictional setting. However, I have wanted to create this post purely for the reasons of obtaining the reactions of users in this wiki to see if we can get the genre moving. Several users have proposed this sort of game in the past, but have never come to see the day due to a lack of an algorithm...........until now, as I am about to propose in the following links. 

    Squad-Based Tactical Battle Algorithm

    Battalion-Based Tactical Battle Algorithm


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  • Ace009

    Well, gentlemen. After a suggestion the user known as QuebecanCanada (also known as Canada) created earlier today, I was considering the creation of a new science fiction wiki for not only futuristic situations, but also alternate history, and retro-futuristic scenarios. In other words; all genres of science fiction are open......except for fan fiction or derivative work (that refers to you, Eric.) As a result, I have decided to call for a vote from the community, since this shall be an affiliated wiki, und finally, I wish to call upon its voice to make this dream reality. Oh, und gentlemen. To vote on this scenario, either an Aye or a Nay will do. In the aftermath, the votes shall be gathered und finally, the final decision would be made. …

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