This forum is for anyone who would like to join me in arms in an uprising against the staff of Wikia, who took away our right to keep the Monaco skin at least as an option, leaving us with only MonoBook! The villians!

I might have overreacted a tad, but seriously a lot of wikis are complaining about the new semi-forced layout and I want to put a petition together and send it to the Wikia staff to give us the right to have the Monaco skin if we please.

If your going to vote do it like this sentence below:

Yes. I think the Monaco skin should be...(at least one explanatory sentence).

No. The new skin is a.... (at least one explanatory sentence).

If we put them under enough pressure, than maybe they will crack. Hopefully. Because I hate this peice of shit NewWikiaLook skin. Please, give me an opinion, yes, no, or something else. Because we have a right to choose, or they will lose more wikis to independent servers. Arstar 06:17, November 7, 2010 (UTC)

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