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    October 9, 2010 by Arstarpool

    Kind of random, but does anyone else feel a bit bad about perma-banning Owen now that he's gone? :P

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  • Arstarpool

    How did you get here?

    September 18, 2010 by Arstarpool

    I am just curious, thats all. Tell us how you came to the wiki today? Me, well it's a long story...

    Admittedly I have been an "observer" on wikis since two Septembers ago as an anon. Yeah. Never made an edit. Actually I made two edits on the Star Wars Wiki that got me banned :P Around January-Febuary of '10, I made a Wikia account and first edited on the Zombies Wiki, where I made the pages about Cuba, Safe Zones, and the ISS. I remember some time in March I saw an advertisment for the Althistory Wiki showing some North/South US Map and a bunch of other countries. I've always had a thing for maps, so I had to click it. I think the first timeline I saw was 1983: Doomsday, and the first nation I saw I remember to this day: it was the Commonw…

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  • Arstarpool

    Well most of the oldies here do not know who "Lil Wayne" his, but for the teenagers on the site, listen to the song "Oh Let's Do It", and in one verse he says:

    "1983, I was born on Doomsday"

    Do you think this is a secret reference to 1983DD? I fact checked and it turns out he was born in '82, but still, I thought it was kind of cool.

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  • Arstarpool

    I'm really having trouble logging in and finding a computer to work on so I will leave this quick for Gopzack, Sunkist and SouthWriter and Oerwinde.

    I appoint the Republic of Florida officially as a Sunkist-Arstar-Zack project. I also apologize for originally not liking the idea when he was known as Perryz. He really has grown fond on me as Sunkist and we have made a lot of good articles together. However until my computer problems are solved I would like Sunkist and Zack to work on it while I'm gone.

    EDIT: And Southwriter can work on it too if he wants!

    I also want to work on the East Florida/First Coast article so cut me a spot in there as well.

    To Oerwinde: Please, please please help me out with the Tuscany article while Im gone. You've don…

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  • Arstarpool

    I had this new idea recently, where once in a while we can have like competitions on random ideas. For example, I would ask "What is the worst idea for a timeline?" and you guys can answer below. Nobody really wins anything but I might make the worst TL into an actual crappy TL that will problably get deleted sometime down the road.

    So, I ask you:

    "What is the worst idea for a timeline?"

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