Four years ago I came back for a few months, only to find that AHWiki was in as much turmoil as it had been the first time that I stepped away. How lovely to come back and see that things have evidently calmed way, way down, but the site still lively and active. I'm sure there's a story. Maybe someone would like to tell me about it sometime. But it's good to see the community focused on creating Alternate History again. I'm not ready to commit to a return to Active Duty, but I'm definitely going to hang out a little while, tinker with my timelines, maybe do something about the giant backlog at Category:Delete... and I guess I ought to sign up for Discord, since that's where the discussion happens now. Either way, even a quick look at the TPSTF talk page and the block log is enough to show me that the Wiki is a more pleasant place to be than it was 4 years ago. Many thanks to whoever has been involved in reducing the temperature around here.

- Benkarnell (talk) 20:44, November 2, 2019 (UTC)

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