• ChrisL123

    The Red Americas?

    November 10, 2012 by ChrisL123

    Hypothetical timeline idea again!

    So, in my history class, we've been learning about the Great Depression and its affects in Canada. I've never really realized it, but the idea of a communist revolution in Canada was a startling reality, even having communists barred from having a party and jailed. I also learned of major strikes by civilians and even war veterans during the Great Depression, such as the or the , which caused even more fear of the red menace. So it got me thinking, what if ideology of communism was more welcomed among Canadians suffering with the Depression?

    I've considered several POD's for it, but I haven't decided how it could all unwrap. Here's what I tentatively had in mind:

    • The Winnipeg General Strike is not put down s…

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  • ChrisL123

    Isolationist England

    August 17, 2012 by ChrisL123
    He was a ruthless monarch. He was responsible for the religious prosecution of thousands of non-Protestant Britons. He brought us into an age of un-splended isolationism, xenophobia and autocracy. He had severed the union of the nations of England, Scotland and Ireland, and the loss of our colonial possessions. His name?
    Oliver Cromwell.

    Note that the above quote is fictional.

    I’ve recently looked into the English Civil War, between the Royalists and the “Roundheads”. They had helped overthrow , who was hated for the marriage of a French Catholic princess, abolition of the Parliament, attempt to raise taxes without Parliament request, etc. , a Roundhead, had helped in the assassination of Charles I, and eventually became Lord Protector of the…

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  • ChrisL123

    New idea! Let's hope this works out.

    So, from what I read, the reason for the Austro-Prussian War and ultimately the Franco-Prussian War was because Napoleon III violated his and Otto von Bismarck's agreement that France wouldn't get involved in Prussia and Austria's business as long as Prussia didn't let Austria to claim Venetia. The reason for the war is because Napoleon made an agreement with Austria to go to war with Prussia in order to retain Venitia.

    But I had two things in mind for a timeline, which would probably go in different ways.

    1. Napoleon III doesn't make an agreement with Austria, maybe due to early kidney stone symptoms
    2. Napoleon III dies before he can make the agreement with Austria

    I'm not sure what would be better overall, cons…

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  • ChrisL123

    I've been thinking about this one for a little while and wanted to see how plausible it was. It originally centers around the and later changes a lot of history (hopefully):

    What I had in mind was that because of their work in helping suppress the , the Austrians are more sympathetic and agree to fight alongside the Russians. They agree to join the Russians in war, as long as the Russian troops were removed from the . The two powers would later influence the northern Ottoman states (Moldavia and Wallachia, Serbia and Bulgaria) to revolt against the Empire with them. From what I anticipate, the alliance would be enough to defeat the "Allies" of the war (Britain, France and the Ottomans), which would mean the Russians and Austrians would hav…

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  • ChrisL123

    No Belgium?

    February 17, 2012 by ChrisL123

    I'm contemplating a new timeline, maybe this could work better than my previous ones? I just wanted to get input to avoid deleting it later. It goes something like this.

    I'm not sure the specific details, they could vary on which is the most plausible, but I'm thinking that during the of the , either:

    1. The French decide not to aid the Belgians, or
    2. The British side with the Dutch to counter the French (fearing that the French would later annex Belgium, though this option might occur earlier than the Ten Days' Campaign),

    which would result in the defeat of the Belgians. Though, I'm not sure if Belgium wouldn't exist at all. The might establish a small Belgian state (maybe like the one in the with Brussels included), not sure though, I'd apprec…

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