I had an idea for another 'event' for the wiki. On the wiki, we have two 'events'. The first is timelines, where you can create an alternate history. This is good, but also requires a lot of work if you want to be successful. You need to research everything, then write your own spin on it. The other 'event' is Map Games, where you can choose a faction and control them through certain periods of history. This is fun, but also requires a large time commitment.

My proposal is to start another 'event'. I was looking on and noticed a 'Map Contest'. This is what inspired me. Every so often (for simplicity's sake, I'll say every week), the head of the map contest puts up a prompt/PoD. Then, contestants have until Friday to post a map and a short timeline for their map. Saturday, everyone votes for their favorite, and whoever gets the most votes by the end of Saturday wins. 

This is a basic proposal, I hope to hear what everyone thinks. 

CourageousLife (talk) 19:21, July 3, 2013 (UTC)

Map Contest 1: King of the Hill

PoD: Columbus goes exploring for a different country (not Spain). This country goes on to dominate the new world. 

Challenge: Create a map of the new world, dominated by a different country. This map can be from any time period, just be sure to say which time period. Be sure to include labels, map keys, subdivisions of countries, etc. (Note: By dominate, I mean this country has the most influence in the New World. Other countries can and should still have some land.)

Time Frame: Two weeks, July 7 - July 20

Voting Starts July 20, 0:00 UTC

To submit an entry, simply post a comment with your map and timeline. Voting will be explained later. 

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