For the past day or so I've been considering an expansion to the timeline of presidents in The Co-Presidency. This would push the list back from the Eisenhower era to the Wilson administration. I feel like there is a lot of potential when it comes to the elections of 1912 and 1916 and onward. The act would now be signed into law following an earlier and more public stroke Wilson suffers, likely in 1913. While his ability to lead quickly recovers, the scare was in full affect, thus the office is split into two. I am also messing around with the colors and size of the dates of administrations, so this change may come sooner than the expansion. This is what it may look like, expanding the Foreign Affairs Ministry list from Wilson all the way to where it is with Eisenhower.

Foreign affairs draft:

No. Minister Took office Left office Party Co-President Under Secretary
1 Woodrow Wilson-H&E Woodrow Wilson June 17, 1913 March 4, 1921 Democratic Thomas R. Marshall (1913-1915) Vacant (1913)
Theodore Roosevelt (1915-1919) William J. Bryan (1914-1916)
Charles Evans Hughes Newton D. Baker
2 Leonard wood 1920 Leonard Wood March 4, 1921 March 4, 1927 Republican Charles Evans Hughes (1919-1925) John Weeks
Calvin Coolidge
3 John W Davis John W. Davis March 4, 1927 March 4, 1931 Democratic Calvin Coolidge Charles W. Bryan
4 Charles Curtis Charles Curtis March 4, 1931 March 4, 1937 Republican Franklin D. Roosevelt Herbert Hoover
5 Franklin-D-Roosevelt-1- Franklin D. Roosevelt D March 4, 1937 April 12, 1945 Democratic Al Smith (1937-1943) John Nance Garner (1937-1941)
Wendell Wilkie D (1943-1944) Harry S. Truman
Robert H. Jackson
6 Harrytruman77-1- Harry S. Truman April 12, 1945 January 20, 1951 Democratic Robert H. Jackson (1944-1947) Vacant (1945-1947)
Thomas E. Dewey Alben W. Barkley
7 Adlai stevenson II life magazine Adlai Stevenson II January 20, 1951 January 20, 1955 Democratic Thomas E. Dewey (1947-1953) Estes Kefauver
Robert A. Taft
8 Dwight D. Eisenhower Dwight D. Eisenhower June 17, 1955 January 20, 1961 Republican Robert A. Taft(1953-1957) Richard Nixon (1955-1957)
Richard Nixon Walter Judd

As you can see, there are some additional divergent points in this draft, such as 1940 Republican Presidential nominee Wendell Willkie continuing to be affiliated with the Democratic party, and additionally nominating Associate Justice Robert Jackson to be his Vice President, and later, the President. These are just ideas, but I could end up sticking with them if I don't get a better one. I'm pretty satisfied with it but I still will have to think about if I'd like to go through with it or not.

Anyways, that's an idea, maybe I'll post some more.

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