David Rain

  • I live in The Center of Alternate Timelines
  • My occupation is Head of the Timestream Mapping Division
  • David Rain

    Happy Easter

    April 20, 2014 by David Rain

    For those of us that wish to celebrate! Happy Easter!

    And whether you believe or not, because I do...

    God bless. ;)

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  • David Rain

    Pointers for my character. Whether I get written in or I write a chapter at some point.

    • I owe a lot to the following people:
    1. Red vs. Blue
    2. Mscoree
    3. Crim
    • I love steampunk.
    • I like the Maya
    • I think the whole idea of implausiblility is impossible.
    • I title myself as "head of timestream mapping".
    • I like the idea of the TSPF
    • But have reble sympathies.
    • I hate violence. But recognise it is sometimes, very rarely, necessary.
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  • David Rain

    Obscure templates

    November 17, 2013 by David Rain

    Hey. I was digging to find a suitible template the other day and I discovered there's a template for Airship specifications. This is incredibly useful!

    Are there any other obscure templates out there that are fantastic but know one knows about?

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  • David Rain

    Steampunk in space

    October 21, 2013 by David Rain

    Ok. How do you get a steampunk world into the space age? Throwing it open... no electricity.

    See what you guys can come up with. The first ship can be named after the best idea...

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  • David Rain

    Hi. Couple of days ago I got AvA: 1941 for the hell of it. It's my first AvA game, so I am being introduced to the concept. It seems very good, a much more realistic Risk (though I love Risk it's hard to simulate historical scenarios). I've played three games so far (not a lot I know), all two player. Two I was the Axis and in the third I took the Allies. I would appreciate some help with T&S, particualy as the Soviets. In all three games they got steamrollered. Also what is the use of the Soviet Submarine in Sea Zone 4? Would sending it to the Pacific through Panama (long though that is) to harass the Japanese a good idea?

    General notes:

    1. Japan (Love these guys)
    2. Britain/US (Usable)
    3. Germany (Too many fronts)
    4. Soviet Union (Hell)


    David Rain …

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