Doctor261 Doctor261 1 January 2014

I am the danger

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Doctor261 Doctor261 1 January 2014


"Good to see you back, but this is not the place for this conversation." A wise man once said.

So yeah. Let's talk about stuff here. I'm back. Give me some attention so I don't squatter away again.

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Doctor261 Doctor261 17 April 2013

While I Was Gone - Photoshop

So... Lots of stuff happened while I was gone...

I don't really know if I'm staying here or not, but I guess I could share with you about something.

Pretty much I'm a Photoshop artist now, mostly practising with digital art and terraforming. I do a lot of writing every day, related to roleplaying the tabletop games. I will not give any links here, but...

If anyone is interested in a either map designer, or an art for your character/landscape/architecture, feel free to contact me. Easy stuff can be done for free(sketches, etc.), while more advanced stuff(shading, coloring, advanced perspective/3D) can be agreed upon.

Leave any requests either here / my talk page / my skype: cyklopas261. Have fun.

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Doctor261 Doctor261 7 August 2012

d20 anyone?

Anyone plays d20/D&D system games? Pathfinder for example? :)

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Doctor261 Doctor261 25 July 2012

Google Steals Our Privacy

Okay, this is getting annyoing. Google just changed my username in youtube to my real life name, and I think Google must stop this. Have you seen how much of information they allow to share? Look at this form of what they offer to share:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Introduction
  • Achievements(not game achievements)
  • Occupation
  • Education
  • Location of residence
  • Home phone number
  • Job
  • What people do you meet?
  • Looking for(for example: friends, collegues)
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • AKA names

Okay, seriously now... This must change. They encourage people to share everything... What's next? Credit card numbers?

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