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    August 19th Elections

    August 19, 2016 by Edgeofnight

    This blog is for the August 19th elections. Vote Here.Results and Result interpretations will be posted here after the polls close.


    You can see a summary of the results here. There are some users with the phrase READD next to there names. If you are one of these users, you did not vote correctly. I may have already spoken to you but please reach out to me if I haven't. For these users I had to resubmit their votes myself because the mistakes they made messed up the rest of the vote.

    Also, for this vote I counted everyone, but starting next election, you will need to have signed up on the main page 2 hours before the start of the vote. 

    Senate Results are…

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  • Edgeofnight

    Hello Hello Trusted Friends, Compatriots, and Scraw, to the new Goverment Simulator Game! 

    Now for all of you people out there who don't know what this is, it is basically the revival of the old Government Simulator Game we used to play on this wiki. The idea is to simulate a functional (or dysfunctional government). The Nation we will be simulating is the nation of Althistoria. Althistoria is perfectly even in every way. 50% Urban, 50% Rural. 50% Male, 50% Female. You get the idea.

    The Nation of Althistoria was once a proud and powerful oligarchy, The TSTPF, established by the Great King Nik. However, Nik came and went, and after many generations the Oligarchy was losing power. A coup staged by the MPosse ultimately ended the oligarchy. The…

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  • Edgeofnight
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  • Edgeofnight

    So if there is one thing this wiki loves, its debating (Read:Shitstorming). I myself have finished my senior year of debate, and I feel like there is a void that needs to be filled. So I have decided to stage a debate tournament. This is mostly to explain the format and what I need to run this. Lets start with format. It would use, a website dedicated to debate. You would need to make an account there. Now it would start with 3 prelim debate rounds. The top 4 teams would break into elim rounds, seeded High-Low. The winner would get bragging rights. Now I need aat least 8 people to participate, and at least 3 judges.I will edit with more details later.

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  • Edgeofnight

    I feel like I owe it to this wiki to post it. There is no way you can be apart of something for almost 2 years and not make an impact on things. I was mod in the last AvA and in the majority of Pm3. I am active on chat, and i like to think of myself as an active and positive contributor to this community.

    My decreased absence has been to a number of factors, but above all, I have realized that, in these few days of not being active on chat or the wiki, I really don't miss it as much as I expected. 

    I don't know when I'll be back. It won't be tommorow. It won't be the day after. It probably won't be next week either. 

    But I will be back.

    This isn't a goodbye. This is a See you later.


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