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    Rains on the Somme -Feudy McPlagueface

    Fränz Engel shook as his shaking hands fumbled with his rifle, slowly and deliberately sliding the bolt back. He tried his best to slide the stripper clip into the Gewehr 88’s magazine, only able to complete it on his third try his hands shaking profusely from a combination of coldness from the rain, and fear of another artillery barrage. He took his helmet off running his hands through his soaking wet hair trying to clear some of the wetness from his head. It didnt do much but he was to busy being afraid of further combat to try and pretend like he could continue to worry about anything normal like being soaked.

    The battlefield was eerily silent with only the occasional pop of a rifle from either side.…

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  • Feudy McPlagueface


    September 26, 2014 by Feudy McPlagueface

    Terminus Pt 1

    Grand Central Terminal, once a marvel of human ingenuity, a landmark to the human wish to be closer together, one of the biggest hallmarks of life in Manhattan. This landmark to the American spirit was now a wrecked ruin, now a testament to the ruins of war that had been brought upon the city and its people. The stacatto pops of rifle fire outside the building were only interupted by the occasional large explosion or tank shell Rob could hear impacting some target just down the street.

    Rob slunk down against a wall near some sandbags opening up his gear bag. Taking an MRE out he began to pick through it looking for anything he liked but found nothing. Typical he thought to himself, thinking of how awful the food meant to keep h…

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    An abandoned city, a population of nearly 24 million forced to move. A dam, an earthquake, a civil war. It was the worst catastrophe of the modern world, created by the arrogance and perceived power of a nation. The City of Shanghai lay in ruins, with its surrounding lands and towns completely wiped out. Huge swaths of territory, once the most populated city in the world now lay completely empty. 

    "This is Hammer 1 to Overlord requisition additional orders" Said the Marine Sergeant James Dunn

    "Overlord to Hammer 1, were leaving Shanghai, word is that the PRC is moving into the area en masse to counteract Republican elements working to establish an invasion beachhead across the Yangtze and into Central and Northern China." Replied the comms o…

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