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Hello all! I'm FP, but you already hopefully know that. I have struggled recently to find the motivation or interest to do some serious timeline writing recently, but I feel I have a bunch of creativity in me that needs an outlet. I presume (or hope) that a lot of you are like me, or not at all but still want something fun to do while here. So to cater to these needs, I'm proposing a short story contest!

How it will work

Your story can be about anything you would like. It can be a fantasy, mystery, horror, thriller, romance etc etc. It doesn't need to be ATL either, though you can set it in ATL if you wish.

It must be no longer than 2000 words, though if you're a little over then no harm, and in the same way if you are well under then that's fine too.

Each will be posted in your own blog post, titled '[Title of story] - SSC', that will also be linked to a blog post of mine for each turn.

You would also vote for the story that you like best via my blog post, which will have each entry in a list. You don't have to be contributing to vote, anyone can vote if they like a story.

You will have a month to write and submit your stories, and voting will also close at the end of the month, so it's easier if you get them out quicker as it gives people more time to read and vote.

Whichever story has the most votes at the end of the month wins! And the author gets symbolic gratification and pride! Hooray!

If this is popular then I will probably run it for more time, every month until the interest dies away. 

Voting and other stuff will be detailed more in another post to commence the competition, provided that people are interested.

An important note - this is intended to be fun and enjoyable, and most of all relaxed. This should not get too competitive, and nor will it be a reason for any contention or argument, and if so I will shut it down. Your stories won't be disqualified for not rigorously fitting my recommendations, and your vote will still be counted even if you don't do it right.

Is anyone interested at all? And if so I am very open to suggestions, this is just a rough idea at the moment and nothing is final so any good ideas I will implement.

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