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ForsakenPear ForsakenPear 29 February 2016

Ramble - Fantasy Worlds

Hi there. My name is ForsakenPear. Or 'bby'. Or 'what does this guy do around here again?'. And some other things I dunno.

Anyway, this week on Ramble, following the 'solid' success that was Concrete (I'm hilarious), I'm moving on to the topic of fictional realms, and in particular three of the big guns - Middle Earth, Westeros and Tamriel (more specifically Skyrim Province). There are countless others that I will not mention here, purely because these are my favourites and the ones in which I am most well-versed. I will be discussing what I find fascinating about them, what makes them unique from all others, and, most importantly of all, which one I'd most like to live in. This should be fun.

There is no doubting that J.R.R. Tolkien is one …

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ForsakenPear ForsakenPear 21 February 2016

Ramble - Concrete

Hi there. My name is FP. I go by many other names, including some that are not very flattering, but I shall not get into that right now. 

To kick off the first official, fully-fledged, real-deal, 100%, legit, no-added-sugar, topkek, organic ramble of this series, I am going to discuss a topic that is so close to my heart. Concrete. 

I believe concrete, a majestic substance of construction and creation, is the most underrated building material in human history. Or maybe mud. In fact yeah mud is maybe more underrated. But no. I shall save mud for another ramble. Where was I? Oh yes, concrete. The second most underrated building material in human history. It gets bad rep due to modern, unimaginative architecture in which concrete buildings are …

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ForsakenPear ForsakenPear 15 February 2016

Ramble - Welcome

Hi there. My name is ForsakenPear. Or FP. Or 'holy shit this guy is inconsistent'. Or all of the above. Or none. I dunno tbh. I pop in and out on the wiki, intending to stay but eventually drifting away only to repeat the process six months later. Read my user page for more.

But for a while now I've been considering writing a blog series of some sort, but you see, I've never had any topic to talk about, or any ideas or plans or structure to it at all. All I want to do is ramble on about whatever I'm thinking about at the time, or whatever random stuff pops into my head at time of writing, in the hopes some people might find it interesting or amusing. Because I of course find myself an immensely interesting and amusing person, and surely oth…

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