Provided by your comments below to make a story! Phrases...sentences...anything..even paragraphs!

The story ... so far:

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Prelude [COMPLETE]:

Once Geg made a blog post named The Adventures of Geg! This is what the blog stated:"Provided by your comments below to make a story! Phrases...sentences...anything...even paragraphs! The adventure begins now... (Ugly Turtle)

Chapter 1 [COMPLETE]:

A long time ago, in a wiki far, far away...

It is a period of civil war. Rebelsoldier spaceships, striking from a hidden wiki, have won their first victory against the evil AltHistory wiki. During the battle, Rebelsoldier managed to steal secret plans to the Althistory wiki’s ultimate weapon, 1983: DOOMSDAY, an alternate timeline in which a nuclear war with enough power to destroy an entire planet took place. Pursued by the wiki's sinister agents, g Greg e races home aboard his starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save his people and restore freedom to the wiki…(CrimsonAssassin) [In his first task assigned to him by the force] Geg decided to join NotLAH. He first was the stupid nation of Argentina until he became so powerful they called him the United Republics. The United Republics is what is called a "UR Style Federation", which is a big thing the people like to copy off of. (Octivian Marius) [Thus, to further blend in] Geg made a sig. The sig was so bright no one could see it and it made everyone's eyes hurt. When Geg changed the sig so that everyone could see Ugly noticed that the sig was g greg e instead of G greg e. Ugly insisted that the g was to be capitalized and annoyed the heck out of Geg. Geg then hired CrimsonAssassin to kill UglyTurtle and they had a massive battle. Eventually Crim surrended. Ugly continued to annoy Geg until Geg sought negoations. Geg agreed to capitalize the g in g greg e in return for the Welsh Tribes in Romae. Now Geg's signature is G greg e instead of g greg e. Victory for Ugly! (Ugly Turtle). Thus as the world went on as normal for a short while. 

Chapter 2 [ In Progress]

Eventually, a certain Assassin decided to murder a certain leader who everyone had a tendency of "HAIL" 'ing. When g Greg e decided that it was better for Eoguy that he didn't have to edit the atrocious spelling of the dead leader (HAIL MARIUS), g Greg e noticed a new threat - Ratc333.  (Reximus55).

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