GunsnadGlory GunsnadGlory 7 January 2015

A Final Farewell

Over the last few months, this wiki has gradually lost interest for me- I think it's really been building up since May or so, in fact, and the last 2 weeks, which I spent- unexpectedly- without interest access (I went on vacation, forgot my laptop and my phone charger :P) have made me realize that not only did I not MISS the wiki, I actually enjoyed not having to come here.

So, umm, bye. If you really need to contact me, either ask Imp or Feddy- if they are on- or email me at (Impo and Feddy- and, I think, Ms- know my main email address, which I would rather not make public).

I leave all my DD articles to Impo 'n Feddy, to do what they wish. All other TLs I have, I guess, can go OFA.

I really regret not working more o…

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GunsnadGlory GunsnadGlory 11 September 2014

Internet Slowdown

Hiya, guys!

I haven't been very active recently (partially because I'm moving all my Windows computers over to Ubuntu, and partially because my current homework load is keeping me awake till 3 in the morning), but I felt I had to mention this.

Many of you have heard that numerous websites are starting an "Internet Slowdown" movement; some of you have heard that Wikia is one of those websites.

Friends, Wikians, Fellow Althistorians, I would like to propose that we follow along. I'm not an admin, and this may be out of line, but we need to do something about this, because I think we can safely say that no one else. 

We can make a difference. Yes, only a few hundred people have ever edited this wiki, yes, only maybe half of that will even notice …

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GunsnadGlory GunsnadGlory 6 August 2014

No, This is Not a Farewell


What it is is an announcement. 

I used to enjoy map games, the arguments on the talk page, the algorithms, the plotting, etc. Lately, however, I've actually started dreading having to post, to the point where I've bascially just stopped fighting wars. Similarly, I've stopped visiting chat; the arguments there are literally non-stop, and I'm tired of it. 

So I'm done with map games, and probably with chat, too. I'll see PM3 out to the end, but after that, I'm off map games, I'm done. FP, our project is still active. We need to do the full trilogy.

I might visit chat every now and then, just to check up, but once PM3 is done, I'm done with both map games and chat. 

Instead, I'll be dedicating my time to 83DD, as well as other TLs. Dammit, Fed…

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GunsnadGlory GunsnadGlory 20 June 2014

The Squirrevolution

Over the last couple of days/weeks/months, the Squirrevolution has become a fairly large voice on this wiki's chat. 

Now, let me make one thing clear, by dealing with a few misconceptions.

  1. The Squirrevolution is a group of spammers and anarchists who are either trolls, Mscovites, or Octards.
    • False. While few of us are among the most reputable, we have attracted several members of the TSPTF, including Cour, and Andy, though I can't really tell about the latter since he seems to switch sides every ten minutes.
  2. The Squirrevolution is focused entirely on the banning of squirrels in chat.
    • Au contraire. We focus on issues of equality and abuse throughout the wiki. We aim to be like the Doctors without Borders of the wiki. 
  3. The Squirrevolution is only …
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GunsnadGlory GunsnadGlory 5 June 2014

Triple Whammy: Guns Announces his Return


As some of you may have noticed, I've been on a semi-wikibreak over the last two weeks- I've checked in now and then, but for mostly 5 minutes every few days.

Anyway, I'm back, and to celebrate, I'm writing the Triple Whammy of all blog posts. We'll start off with a "Common Misconceptions of History", then we'll see... 

The Second and Third Parts of the Triple Whammy will follow over the nect couple of days.

(Also, I'm debuting a new sig- eat your heart out, Feddy, you know what's on it.)

I have to say, both the Americans and the Canadians have weird misconceptions about this war, and they both have a lot of them.

  1. The War of 1812 was an attempt by the British to reconquer America: 
    • AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Yeah, false. The Brits, at…

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