I don't know what to call it.

File:Alternate History Map (OCharmanderO).png

Anyways, here are the main things in my timeline that alter history...

EUROPE: France wins the Napoleonic wars.

SOUTH AMERICA: Things do not change much after the Latin American countries gain independence from Spain? (HOW DO I EXPLAIN THIS)


  • Cuba and Puerto Rico (and the Philippines in Asia) gain independence at the same time as their mainland counterparts. They go on to take over the Carribean.
  • Stephen F. Austin never writes a letter to his delegates that Mexico doesn't care.

AFRICA: The Scramble for Africa fails when the natives (including Boers) successfully fight off the Europeans.


  • The Majapahit Empire fights off Dutch and other European colonization.
  • The Mughal Empire fights off the British invasions of 1857.
  • Australia treats whites and Aborigines equally.
  • The Kuomintang wins the Chinese Civil War.

WORLD: The World Wars and the Cold War never happen. (The Vietnam War still happens)

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