Alternative History

Welcome to the first ever election!

Votes should be placed as followed:

Senate Vote:
Favorite Political Party

The following candidates are eligible:

  • Representing Centrist/Progressive Parties:
    • President: Bfoxius
    • Vice President: Reximus
  • Representing Communist/Labour:
    • President: Andr3w
    • Vice President: Sky
  • Representing Conservatives:
    • President: Lordganon (or whatever Conservative wants to take his place, see below.)
    • Vice President: ?

The following parties are eligible for third line, and bolded for second:

  • Conservative
  • Progressive
  • Labour
  • Centrist
  • Communist
  • Reactionary/Extremist Brotherhood
  • Independent

Votes not following the format, in the incorrect place, or for an ineligible candidate will not be counted.