Alt Hist Concepts- The Zero Coming of Oct

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Following the success of of my mentees blog series of Sensual Sky Weekends I decided that maybe I should try to revive the wiki. I have decided to make a series of blogs looking into different Althist concepts.

Today's Concept: Today I turn three years old in time on this wiki. This concept will follow how different this wiki would be with out me.

Possible Outcomes

  • This wiki would probably be a lot more boring, with less lolz and other things. I consider myself one of the main generator of lolz on here.
  • Many people on this wiki for some reason would be sadder and would feel extremely bad.
  • Now on to me personally, I would probably have more of a life, do to me sometimes blowing off friends saying I have a family event to be on here.
  • I also think that my GPA would be higher beacuse I often blowoff homework, like I am doing now to be on here.
  • I would probably be a way better football player cause I have blown off weight lifting to be on here.

Conclusion: I over think without his wiki my life would be better but yours would be worse.

Since today is a big day I am going to thank the people I need to thank the most during my time on this wiki

  • Rat- For being a great friend.
  • Local- For always giving be advice whenever I needed it.
  • SKI- For being a good friend and always talking to me when I needed it.
  • Rex- For being my first and always ally in map games.
  • Mscoree- For just being that awesome.
  • Crims Son- 4 beinng my 1st and evr tr0ll prtnr.
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