Alternative History

Italian Apocalyspse: Day 1

I Pablo Ricado DiMaruggio hater of all Republic loyalists was awakend by my worst fear: the Zombies are invading!

Why I hate the Republic

The first order of the main order of the General after emergancy law went into effect was "Retreat to Sically, don't save anyones *** just retrete." Also the rich where able to make it there to leave us to die.

Italian Apocalyspse: Day 2

Father came home today after his job as a patrol man witha bandge on his arm and statrted trying to bite mother. I got our Uzi down from the shelf and it finally hit me: Dad was a Zombie. I shot dad right in the head. Mother told me that I need to go to the Roman Council metting to repesent our household on the future of Rome. We asblished the Roman Republic, a Republic for the City of Rome. 

Garud Duty

As section 2 of the constation of the Roman Republic say that all men must sign up for garud duty untill the Zombie problum is done. I take down Dad's uzi from the shelf and go to the forticfactions. One Zombie satgers up to the fortifactions and I shoot him. A wave of plesure goes throw me as I shoot my Fathers killer.

Italian Apocalspse: Day 3

Flag of the Mercianries

Today the craziest thing happend to me, from the air freedom came. It turns out Umberto II, king of Italy has sent Swiss and Greek merchinaries to help us. They came from there air because they are paratroopers, who gave me PASTA and margirita PIZZA. I sudnedly see the King is just and he is very helpful. We should bring back the Constatutional Monarchy. The King can help many and provide moral support. The day returns as normal with me playing Rob the Bank, a game I invented with my friends.

Italian Apocalypse: Day of Living **** (4)

Today **** broke loose and Rome ripped apart. It began at 5 am when our leader was shot on the steps of the Palace. Next the Zombies fall from the sky from planes and they took a hyjacked desytroyer down the TIber and compltly decimated the river front. I took some of dads black powder a barell and gas mixed them toghter to create a bomb. I create a contratption that basically denotes the bomb. My friend has a captipolt so we use that. It hits the destroyrer and... BOOM. It denotes and the destroyer is suken. The people come to me and hail me a new leader of the Roman Republic.

Italian Apocalypse: Day of living **** (5)

The battle stragey today that I came up with is the commoners and the mercianries will fortify the reamaining habital parts of the city while a small group of Swiss mercinaries will wipe them out.

Exacution of the Plan

The fortifacations are bulit up and have nails glued all over them. Next the Zombies attack in extreme orginized motion attacking are weakest spot. I snipe each of the leftover Zombies. Sundly I have a idea take our one Merchinaries bomber and bomb the Zombies. The bombs rain but at a price of 20 elite merchaniers dead and a bullet-in-the-engine plane.

Italian Apocalypse: Day of living **** (6)

The Zombies keep on coming in orginized fasions, why is that? We need to keep them out today, I can mabey go to a ship yard Tucany for ships to help us. 

In Tuscany

The shipyard is bare of everything, what the heck is up? I see a gorey hand on the ground as a zombie comes up to me and trys to bite me. It me and dad all over again. I shot him with my uzi. My Uzi and I have become good friends

In Rome

The ivasion begins the Zombies bring out the battleships and we contiune to bombthem with my bombs. About middway trough the battle after sniping and then getting shot I relize all hope is lost for Rome. I yell "Retreate to Naples" to all the civillians "The mercianries and I will hold them off." The mercinaries and I hold them off for another 3 hours we then borad the merchinsries palne and partroop on to the retreateing Romans.


January 1st, 1983, Naples

I Pablo Richardo DiMaruggi was just elected Prime Minestor at a record age of 22. I ran under the Social Democrat Party.