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Octivian Marius Octivian Marius 8 August 2014

I'm back

Don't ask me why I was a away, its embarrassing. I plan on working more on my TLs and maybe kickin butt in a few map games. I've missed you all. Whats happened while I was away? and bfox I need to talk to you.

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Octivian Marius Octivian Marius 15 May 2014

If chat was a family

If chat was a family there would probley be four groups, the NOTLAH born, the Msconies, the newbies, and the old timers.

Feud: Oldest, loudest, and probley the most mature of us all, and kinda repesents a father to me.

Local: The playa of the family.

Rat: The runt that everyone pretends to hate but likes him alot.

Geg: Mature studier.

Oct: The Athlete.

Eip: Quiet one.

Rex: The religious one

Crim: The misbehaving uncle that gets in trouble.

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Octivian Marius Octivian Marius 5 January 2014

Socialist Party

We the Socialists are the party that the working editors are ment to be, we strive after peace justice and a lawful society.

  • Elections for officials every 6 months
  • Coaltions of parties
  • Listening of others ideas no matter the stupidity
  • Having a reason of impeachment being not interacting with the people (Not being on Chat)
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Octivian Marius Octivian Marius 18 December 2013

New AltHist thought process

So i was chating with MASTER about a new TL that both of us are thinking of and here is my idea for the process.

Topic: Communists take controll during the Partisan warfare in northern Italy.

  • Effect 1: Communist state in the north
    • Kingdom in the South: The referendum was more monarchist in the south so with the north seperated they probely would still have a Kingdom
      • More Tourism?: In the UK there is lots of tourism beacuse of the monrachy, with the current hier to the throne said to the press that id the monarchy staid they might have had a royal wedding as big as the some in Italy.
    • More devloping Italy in the post-WWII
      • Stronger Italy?: With reunifaction after the fall of Communism and more aid to the South
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Octivian Marius Octivian Marius 16 November 2013

Entente vs Centeral

As all of your text books tell u the allies in WWI where the good guys but I say they are not.

  1. Judging by the diplomacy of that era what the Austrians did was not out of the ordinary.
  2. Sinking of the Lustania (SRY about my spelling) was not morally wrong because everyone on that ship was army or spies and if was full of axis supplies.(Source: a peoples history of the us)
  3. The aqusation of German torture where probly fabricated, to get more people on there side.
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