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Octivian Marius Octivian Marius 9 September 2013

Best Person on the Wiki

So I have a idea for a new award called best dude on the wiki. To vote you haft to have more then 100 edits.

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Octivian Marius Octivian Marius 1 September 2013

NotLAH 2

So i was talking to MS on chat and he said if you want a Notlah 2 just sign this petition.

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Octivian Marius Octivian Marius 5 June 2013

The Future is Needed

When I came upon this while surfing the web I really thought up a CRAZY idea. My world of Fascists timeline. I am working on a short story of my timeline in the future. It would be really cool. My suggestion for this wiki is that we bring back the future so we can write as cool people. Science I know the leaders of this wiki will not allow that so I am going to create a new Wiki that is our alternate history's in the future. I just need 8 signers. (In the comment section).

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Octivian Marius Octivian Marius 1 June 2013


I am having a block of no new pages to my alt history can someone help me?

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Octivian Marius Octivian Marius 20 May 2013

Italian Apocalypse Post 1 (notLAH)

  • 1 Italian Apocalyspse: Day 1
  • 2 Italian Apocalyspse: Day 2
    • 2.1 Garud Duty
  • 3 Italian Apocalspse: Day 3
  • 4 Italian Apocalypse: Day of Living **** (4)
  • 5 Italian Apocalypse: Day of living **** (5)
    • 5.1 Exacution of the Plan
  • 6 Italian Apocalypse: Day of living **** (6)
    • 6.1 In Tuscany
    • 6.2 In Rome
  • 7 Epilouge 
    • 7.1 January 1st, 1983, Naples

I Pablo Ricado DiMaruggio hater of all Republic loyalists was awakend by my worst fear: the Zombies are invading!

Why I hate the Republic

The first order of the main order of the General after emergancy law went into effect was "Retreat to Sically, don't save anyones *** just retrete." Also the rich where able to make it there to leave us to die.

Father came home today after his job as a patrol man witha bandge on his arm and statrted trying…

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