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We will stand up against any forms of Wiki Tyranny and Enact Change!

Welcome to the Official Brochure of the Centrist Party! You have already taken the first step you need in order to become a member of the Wiki's Fastest Growing Political Party!

What is Wiki Politics?

Good Question! If you do not know what Wiki Politics are, you are in a good place to get a tutorial. Here is a step-by-step:

  1. Go here!
  2. Look at all of the political parties!
    • Check out their introductions, goals, and members list.
  3. Now, think about what you stand for... Do you stand for:
    • Fair punishments that discourage bad practices but allow for second chances;
    • Plausible TLs without significant TSPTF regulation or tyrannical use of the ASB-Biased tag without community consent;
    • Separation of Map Games and TSPTF and self-contained moderatorships;
    • TSPTF nominations based upon merit to report vandalism and regulate the wiki, not on Edit Count, Map Games only, or Popularity;
    • TSPTF retirement after they cease to perform their duties for an extended period of time;
    • Finding common ground amongst the various facets of the Wiki Reform Movement in order to accomplish the most good?
  4. Now, pick a Party! You have many to chose from. Here is a brief rundown of the Parties
    • Conservative - Consies - (Presumably) led by LG, the Consies are the "Establishment" of the wiki. Typically the Consies are very strict, and control the majority of the TSPTF. The Anti-Reform Party
    • Progressive - Progs - Under Ms, the party originated as two distinct bodies - the Nullification Party (Nullies) and the Liberal Party (Libs). Originally the main instrument of reform, it has since alienated massive parts of its base. The Anti-TSPTF Party
    • Labour - Sort of a middle-ground between the Progs and the Consies, they advocate a bit of flexibility in Conservative dogmas, but tend to bicker with the Progs. The Anti-Progressive Party
    • Centrist - Centries - A new, rising political party co-founded by disaffected members of all walks the Wiki, including new and established members and some reform-minded TSPTF members. Instead of crying out in anguish about the problems of the wiki, they work to correct these problems in any way possible. They are open to Conservatives, Moderates, Liberals, or even Radicals, so long as they want to help the wiki through logical reforms. The Pro-Common Sense Party
  5. So, you have a party! Now get into contact with your party's Chairman. If you are a Centrist, please contact our Chairman here.
  6. He will tell you the rest of the important features of the Simulation, including how to Vote, how to run for Office, and how to support your Party!

Our Mission, Goals, and Action Plan


The Pelican is our Logo

Mission - To adequately change the face of the Wiki, the Centrist Party is established with the intent of instituting common sense, widely accepted reforms that will not conflict with the goals of the TSPTF while maintaining an atmosphere in which all Users can feel welcome and secure.

Goals - Here is what we want to give the Wiki:

  • Plausibility, but no tyrannical use of the ASB-Biased tag.
  • Plausibility within Map Games, but no limitations of Creativity
  • Freedom to Choose Tags for Your Timeline
  • Three Active Brass
  • Activity within the TSPTF and Retirement once Duties are no longer performed
  • Separation of TSPTF and Map Games
  • Ban Reform
    • Less Harsh Bans for non-offensive, non-sockpuppeting "crimes"
    • No unilateral Bans for minor infractions
  • Community Timelines and Activities
    • Days After Chaos
    • Wiki Newspaper
  • TSPTF nominations based upon merit and ability to perform duties, not necessarily Edit Count or Popularity
  • Finding common ground between the more and less radical elements of the Reform Movement to have the biggest impact on the whole of the Wiki

Action Plan - Many politicians would shirk from revealing the ways they intend to impact the political spectrum. The leadership at the Centrist Party is embracing this chance to share how we will fulfill our promises to you.

  1. Amass a large coalition following that can agree on common sense reforms.
  2. Win enough of the Senate to ensure our Senators can debate real substantive issues, not procedural matters.
  3. Bring up the real issues to force all Users to reach a common conclusion.
  4. Convince the TSPTF to act upon the reforms we have suggested.

History of the Centrists

Evolution of Political Parties
Any good party has a rich and vivid history. Instead of being born out of random desires, a solid political party is built upon generations of political thought and examination, and the Centrist Party is no different, albeit from a Wiki perspective.

As the Simulation began, the rush to create the most effective reform vehicle - or political party - led to the creation of multiple parties with similar ideologies. One of the most successful of these - the Nullification Party - was conceptualized as a bridge between the radical Liberal Party and the unyielding Conservative Party.

I was one of the cofounders of the Nullification Party, along with Monster Pumpkin. The party was of such great political heft that the leaders of the Liberal Party approached Monster Pumpkin with a proposal for a merger. Accepting the deal, the two parties formed the formidable Progressive Party and managed to gain a majority in the Senate's inaugural election.

The first term died out quite quickly due to a series of stalemates between Users, so nothing of value could be brought before the TSPTF as a suggestion for improvement. The government, under the Progressives, only made the Users look divided and allowed the Establishment to ignore any cries for reform.

The Liberal elements of the Progressive Party took over, leaving many upset former-Nullification Party members stuck without a party, but then the Centrist Party was conceived, prior to the second election. Drawing from all reform-minded fields, including Progressives and Labour, as well as Independents and unregistered Users, the Centrist Party was formed.

What Makes Us Different?

  • We are a decentralized party. If you feel that some issue needs to be brought up, we implore you to explain the issue and we will aid you in coming up with a solution.
  • We allow Senatorial Freedom. If you are elected as a Senator (as many of you will be), you get to have a say. The Party, nor any leader of the Party, may force you to vote a certain way -- you get to vote how you feel is best.
  • We are active. We will not sit idly by like our predecessor, the Progressives, and allow the great chance to enact reform slip by through our fingers.
  • We welcome all. We do not care if you are a Radical or a Moderate, or if you are for some Tradition or complete Reform. If you are ok with common sense reforms, we want you here!

In Conclusion

If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact me at my talk page!

I'd love to help you find a party that fits you, if its the Centrists or otherwise. The important part is that you work to help enact common sense reforms to better the Community and the Wiki!

Be a Centrie of Wiki's Tomorrow,

Reximus | Talk to Me!

"Elections belong to the people. It's their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters." - Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States

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