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  • Saturn120

    So, after realizing that the PMIII, successor is only a couple weeks away, I've decided I'd ask the community what they are the most exited about, whether if it's just playing in a new time period, or if it's a new feature or modification. That being said, here are something's I'm hyped about.

    1. The fact that we're playing in a time where feudalism and the crusades are still relevant. It'll be interesting to see if any "Game of Thrones" scenarios arrive, or if any more Catholic soldiers try to re-conquer the promised "Holy Land". I hope something interesting and plausible comes out of this.
    2. A new vassalation system. It bothered the crap out of me when you could just peacefully vassalize any nation just based on the factors of size. Hopefully, …
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  • Saturn120

    Favorite Wiki Memory

    January 21, 2015 by Saturn120

    So, as the wiki approaches it's 10th Anniversary, I was curious about what was everyone's favorite moment on the wiki was. If it was on chat, in a map game, whatever it is. You got nearly 10 years of history to decide of what was your favorite lol.

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  • Saturn120

    ASB Map Game Turn Contest

    November 20, 2014 by Saturn120

    So, with all of the tension on the wiki lately, I have decided to make a contest for all of our users to laugh ourselves over on; ASB and Map Games. I had a idea a while back to make this, but it somehow got off my "list to do". So, with all of the tension and inner fighting on the wiki, I have decided that this would be somethhing we could all have a good laugh over. So, here are the rules.

    • Be as implausible as you like. In fact, the more implausible the better your score will be.
    • There will be a time of 3 days for this, starting on a TBD date.
    • You can only post as one time, so make it count!
    • Points will be given from 1-10 by me and judges Upvote and TBD.
    • Have fun, and be creative in trying to create the best (worst) map game post of all time! …
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  • Saturn120

    Chat Crash

    October 17, 2014 by Saturn120

    Well, it seems like chat is down, if you don't already notice. So now? What do we use as our replacement? It seems like practically all chats aren't working on wikia, so I have no idea what we shall do. Suggestions?

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  • Saturn120

    Hello good (and possibly bad) people of the wiki. I've seen that lately, people have been talking about the Scotland referendum on Thursday so here's my question. Would you rather prefer Scotland in, or out of the United Kingdom? Personally, I think the Scots should be able to control their own, and choose the way they go. Don't forget to vote below!

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