• Scrawland Scribblescratch

    OK folks, every year we have debates over the Stirlings. Whether it's about the interpretation of the rules, the age of a page, or the existence of a category, there's a fight about it. So now I invite you to list all your grievances against the Stirlings as they stand so that we can fix them for future years.

    Also, people tend to forget stuff from the first three months when they nom stuff in the Stirlings. So from now on, when you see something that you really like (that is created this year), list it here so you don't forget it.

    • Removing the Foreign Language Wiki category. Agreed upon by people.
    • Splitting Flags and Coats of Arms.

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  • Scrawland Scribblescratch

    Nuff said. If the TSPTF was a crime family.

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  • Scrawland Scribblescratch

    All you need is a drink and the map games of this wiki.

    Suggestions are welcome.

    • Every time a flash player joins a game, take a sip.
    • Every time a game does not update the map after five turns, take a sip.
    • Every time a game crashes before starting, take two sips.
    • Every time Collie or main mapmaker refuses to use most recent version of map, take two sips.
    • Every time a game is played by flash players and ASBers only, take two sips.
    • Every time a Principia Moderni or Axis vs Allies game kills all other running games, take three sips.
    • Every time Ms or Rex fails to post their turn due to being blocked, take three sips.
    • Every time someone backstabs someone else, take three sips.
    • Every time a minor player writes like a superpower, take three sips.
    • Every time …
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  • Scrawland Scribblescratch

    I don't a debate here or anything, all I want to know if users support Britain or America more. If this violates NCNC just delete it without question.

    • Callum
    • Fed
    • Seiga
    • Imp
    • Dean
    • Andrew
    • Toby
    • Local
    • TB

    • Me
    • Cour
    • Enc
    • MP
    • Viva
    • Ms
    • That guy
    • Crim
    • Spartian
    • Rex
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  • Scrawland Scribblescratch

    Yes, it's official! We are making a movie about the Revolution That Never Happened! 

    • Keanu Reeves as Oct
    • Orlando Bloom as all the WCs
    • Charlie Sheen as Toby
    • Jackie Chan as Ninjasvswarriors
    • Ashton Kutcher as Daxus Inferno
    • Steven Seagal as Ratc3333
    • Adam Sandler as Reximus55

    • Christopher Lee as Lordganon
    • David Tennant as CrimsonAssasin
    • Matt Smith as GunsnadGlory
    • Peter Capaldi as Scrawland Scribblescratch
    • Ben Kingsley as Gandhi as Imperium Guy
    • Brad Pitt as Monster Pumpkin
    • Pierce Brosnan as NuclearVacuum
    • Samuel L. Jackson as Vivaporious
    • Daniel Day Lewis as FirstStooge

    • Sylvester Stallone as Feudalplague
    • George Clooney as CourageousLife
    • Tom Hanks as Mscoree
    • Speaking of which...
      • Gary Sinise as Tr0llis
    • Bear Grylls as Callumthered
    • Leonardo DiCaprio Marlon Brando Al Pacino as…

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