Hello to all users of this wiki, specifically the ones linked to Doomsday:1983.

As we all know, Doomsday is probably the most beloved and the most popular timeline on this wiki and that's well deserved for all the extra effort, compared to other timelines, into the world itself: socially, politically, culturally, etc...

But that extra effort cause nowadays difficulties, especially in terms of realism and as to where this whole timeline is going...

Let me explain. You see, as far as these wiki rules goes, any timeline can continue to exist up to the present in this world (so as of this blog post 2019) to avoid future predictions that aren't alternative history and that's fair enough! But this timeline, that was mostly living an active development during the early 2010s (let's say until 2013-2016), cause problems because this development didn't unanimously pushed the whole world toward the end of the decade (or toward the end of the 2000s for some!), causing some serious problems as to the who's doing what, where, when, since this is directly impacting others! So the present of some places and things is in 2017, for some others in 2011 or in 2009! And let me tell you there can be a big difference over a decade. Also, where will this world go toward the end of the 2010s? 2020s? There's not a sign that shows where the world is going to, because it's only orbiting around a void cauzed by a lack of an intimate portrait of thoses societies, their cultural evolution especially. Considering as, with the years, many pre-doomsday productions would be restored, especially movies like It's a Wonderful Life or the Belvision productions (based on comics adaptation that were holidays classics) or in fact any teen movie showing the prosperous USA (that would truly nullify the sentiments of indifference toward the ancient USA in the United States youth, especially with the tales of the American Dream by the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers) would make them become again popular and widespread (especially the complete original trilogy of Star Wars) and affect therefore those societies.

But that's not the only problem with this timeline...

Many problems are linked directly to how it's taken care of, preventing it's very expansion with some strange rules that leave it completely paralyzed or in a coma, leaving it uncapable of finishing itself or letting newcomers take part of this brave new world while the admins of this page have forgot their very existence. Many pages that should be for adoption aren't and the articles that are officially adopted are sometimes strange.

For instance, one of the most complete articles i've ever seen, the Commonwealth of Susquehanna, is leaved as a proposal despite being acknowledged by many other articles (especially in local Pennsylvanian politics and international competitions) but THIS : ( is considered as officially being adopted !? Where's the logic in this? To be approved by who? Inactive users? From talk pages that are as much inactive? Anyway see where i'm going as to how frustrating this is?

But i'm not here to just be this old ranting grinch that want to trash the party, on the contrary: I want this whole system to be efficiently reformed to let it re-become the star everyone was looking to in this wiki sky. Reforming it to make it fun again to expand this whole fun world (that should also be a point: as sure as it can be depressive for those 1983: DD peoples seeing their great world being nuked and close ones dying, there's no reason as to why hope would completely disappear and even why it couldn't be restored by people still believing in it, making others starting to rebelieve in the future thus making changing the overall attitude in the social life of those communities)! And here's my list of solutions to reform this whole thing and solve all those problems i mentionned (and i'd like everyone to share their toughts, critics and extra solutions too)! We need to concretly reform all that's linked to this timeline!

-First, it would be for us, users, to make a common agreement to put a TEMPORARY limit in the timeline to not go further than 2020. Let me explain, many articles that talk about future projects (like a restoration of a railway in 2017 or integration of Bavaria into the Alpine Confederation) are supposedly done by 2019, yet they still talk about it like an upcoming event! As I said earlier with the whole "not the entire world's at the same period" part, it becomes hard to follow this world and honestly this breaks the immersion into it. Beside, many articles have incomplete sections "To be continued" and these holes could change the entire game in local areas trade, culture and geopolitics. With the continuous advancement into the future, the articles of this timeline fail to catch up. So to put an halt until we have a good 100% completed 1.0 Doomsday:1983 timeline where we know exactly who did what where in the entire world from 1983 to 2020 is for me a good deal. Heck there are articles that still consider East Texas as a thing in the present despite the unification into the Republic of Texas! And once this is considered by the community as a done thing, well we can just put out the stop and continue onward! Beside, nothing prevent us from adding changes to the past once it's done (especially in the local persons that lived in thoses countries and in the newspapers articles made before WRCB). The date of 2020 is not choosed on the go: It's the start of a decade where many targeted cities by small ICBMs would be clear of radiation, allowing the United Communities Restoration comitee, in cooperation with former citizens, to faithfully rebuild thoses cities like they were before doomsday and let those persons regain their homes. Not only would it allow some diaspora spreaded around the world to return, to make the pre-doomsday world closer to coming back, but those cities would completely change the geopolitics of the areas! One of the scenarios that could be made out of it would be a Margaret Tatcher coming back to England and pushing forward the possibility of a reunication of England whom she still legally lead (as the legal minimum status of the UK union) to counter the Celtic Alliance influence in the late 2020s-2030s (that's a bit far from now i must say tough).

-To accomodate for that first solution, a category should be made categorizing all articles with sections with (More to be added) or something like that so we can focus on them especially. I suggest to name it simply Articles with incomplete sections (1983:Doomsday) so we don't have 2000 different categories for the same thing.

-I mean come on, let's clean up this full process of graduation with active observers so we can start putting out of the Proposal category some of the hundreds of articles that deserve it and wait just for that (we have the Under Review category too if this process's done too fast, we shouldn't be afraid of using it).

-For the Adoption part, we should reduce the delay of "If any editor's being absent for three months, the one that want to be the next one need to ask that person for admin status of a certain page and if he doesn't respond negatively in two weeks, you get it" to "Any editor being absent for one month" and you know the rest. There should be a bot, like the one PlasmoidThunder use on the MUGEN Database wikia, that would automatically put the articles into adoption when this one month delay happen and especially if it already happened. Afterward the user that want to be the next editor would just need to do the asking part and wait for two weeks for an answer.

-About the maps, many would need to be redone so they can look more professional and clearer to understand. I don't have a clear widespread example in mind (outside of the Netherlands flooding map that someone clearly just used MS Paint on Google Map) but the world map would need to be remade in a clearer definition so we can zoom and see the smallest nations. But if you have a map that have all the countries in a area but it's not set in the current present time WE SHOULD KEEP IT! You see, one thing I think is missing in all the map sector are maps that show the evolution of areas over time. For instance, what did the ex-US looked like in 1997? 2011? Heck what did it looked like in 1985 and in November of 1983? Wich local state governements lasted that long and wich didn't? That would be an interesting thing to add and would help the reader visualize the expansions and collapses of different organized parts in the world, to have a better idea of the situation. No work is too big for us!

-My gosh, one of the thing that's pulling my hair out of my head in frustration is how hard it is to edit templates of areas to change maps and add/change section countries. Can anybody specialized in templates help (i want to change the map in the China template on the bottom of articles, you know the one that list the countries by political system)?

-The power in tons for the nuclear bombs should be added to every bomb/ICBM that was used in this timeline. As one article inside the timeline that i can't find anymore said: "Depending on the power of the bombs, radiations will go away more quickly or slowly depending on it". For instance, many of the small targets in the UK and probably Canada would be clear of radiation by approximately 2025 as other would be in 2065 or 2115. Let's take Montreal in Canada for an example. Depending on its size, the nuclear attack could have touched the entire island or just the downtown (and it's quite important as the group of populated and economically important cities on the island like Pointe-Claire, Pointe-aux-Trembles or Beaconsfield could have avoided the damages and help stabilization in southern Quebec).

Now that was the answers for the managing of the timeline. Now, suggestions for the timeline itself and it's events (outside of that England thing i said earlier).

-A big first: Why some pre-Doomsday countries top governments that survived just give up in depression like Emo teenagers and exile far away from their homeland permanently before dissolving or giving up their old legacy? That just doesn't make any sense. When there's news of a safe place home back again if there wasn't one in the years following Doomsday, wouldn't you want by pride toward your actual nuked country to come back when it's safe?

Why did the US dissolve instead of settling temporarly in Alaska or an archipelago in their possession like the American Samoa? Especially considering that, in the 90s, local peoples rejoice at the news of their governement still being alive, even if it's far away. When the provisional government of the United States in the west mid-west would have been discovered, wouldn't that have been a great timing for the real US to settle back after seeing a country that just ask to (and is ready to) rehost the true government of the US as it's own? I think George H.W. Bush wouldn't have dissolved the United States and would instead use the same clause as Roosevelt to be in power for more than two terms, waiting for the time that North America would have reclaimed the US to come back. It would be more beautiful and more meaningful than the current events. The American Spring would be way more interesting and the Comitee to restore the United States would still exist, only seeking to reunite the entire United States as it was pre-doomsday with it's prestige and providing services for the american diaspora. Bush would hold a last term with this continental government before truly retiring, with vacations in his Australian summer houses.

Another one in this same context is New Britain. I know Prince Andrew was on a ship and that the government had evacuated to the Isle of Wight (that's legit) and that the island couldn't have hosted all those wishing to stay loyal to their British government. Even the idea of evacuation to South Africa would make sense. The thing is, why not coming back after the 80s-mid 90s chaos? The country of New London with the Windsor Palace would be a perfect place with its tranquility and link to the United Kingdom and the Royal Family, i mean this poor loyal Sir John Grandy deserves it. My idea would be to make New Britain the fifth constituant country of the UK, adding orange lines and green spaces at the left and right triangles instead of blue ones. It would totally change the game in the British Isles and would be for me far more logic than our New Britain forgetting that Britain ever existed. Even if I, I must admit, can see why it's far more interesting in the UK case to have many unique countries inside it. Anyway, just saying.

-It's pretty minor but I think that by this time in 2016-2022 (at least when Augusta is recaptured from bandits), Aroostook would have ceased to be and the old state of Maine would have been restored to succeed it with a reconstructed liberated Augusta as its capital. I might not have been to Maine, but I think it's fair enough to think citizens of Maine would have more pride, patriotism and loyalty toward the state as a whole rather than just a region of it. Greater Aroostook sounds a bit ridiculous and Maine, seeing the historical roots of Maine itself, would also include the New Brunswick south west (making that more logic then Greater Aroostook). It would also be a way to challenge Vermont by sending the message to New Hampshire to be proud of its individual past as a US state and, in its name, regain it's former US independance.

-One big thing is : Why countries in the Middle East like Israel and Saudi Arabia would be the only countries during Doomsday to have any sort of defence interception plan (here the air force directly attacking the ICBM) against the missiles and not the Soviet Union and the USA that were probably the countries that would expect the most to be attacked by nuclear missiles? I think at least a few targets could have been saved by interception of ICBM, thus saving 2-4 targeted major cities by country(NOT all tough). Don't scrap those parts in their history because I mentionned it: it's one of the best part of this story and it's just so heartwarming and sad seeing those mans risking it all to destroy thoses missiles, some even breaking down psychologically in airflight under the pressure or kamikaze tackle the missiles to try destroying them.

-Also, just a reminder that the Canadian government emergency program in case of nuclear war was still active in 1983. The Emergency Government Headquarters were still present to be used as refuges for provincial governments, the central government in Ottawa as well as radio posts of the CBC to help those centers stay in contact with one another. In this timeline, it seem it was completely forgot. One consequence would be that René Lévesques, prime minister of Quebec, would have been evacuated in time to Valcartier. His independantist views would have been quite toned down in front of this catastrophe, and I think he would say to citizens of Quebec on the radio following the 26th of September that he "understand that it might be seen as a occasion for rebellion and independance but that it's not the time anymore to talk about the state of their province and more to talk about the state of their planet. French Canadians must stay in solidarity toward their Anglo Canadians neighbors in those dark times coming ahead and that the favorable context of the 1980 referendum for independance have been blowned away for a good time. It's the time for union and typical Quebecese rural charity and compassion not secession, for the preservation of their world in what might be one of the last pockets of civilization in the world." The Lawrence Raiders would definitely be linked to the Hell Angels motor crime gang becoming more powerful and bigger with other motor crime gangs as the H.A. were quite well rooted here in Quebec.

-Finally why not add a West Virginian resistance mouvement? The Virginian almost dictatorial style would make the normal persons start to question their government again and the whole military thing by the 2010-2020s. The strongest one being those still fond of West Virginia and its different culture they fell were annexed by force. And, the same way that the Carnation Revolution in Portugal started, a banned song (here Country Roads by John Denver) would play by midnight on the church radio and give the signal for the West Revolution to start. Perhaps they could win or loose but in both ways, the crual inhumane acts of the Virginian Army, like any Dictator army, would wake up the population toward their fanatism to a militarism that caused Doomsday in the first place. Tensions would surely rise afterward.

That was it and i hope that it'll be seen by the biggest crowd possible on this wiki.

Game Hero

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