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SkyGreen24 SkyGreen24 28 August 2016

Today's mail - SSC

Today's mail:

An ordinary fellow, Melvin Harrison just finished his senior year and sent application forms to several colleges. After being accepted into one further away from his home, he also began applying for scholarships.

It was an ordinary mid-August afternoon when Melvin came back home after he spent some time at his grandparents. „Phew, Becky really knows her stuff“ he thought to himself as he reminisced his summer romance, although few would call it one. He put his bags into his room and heard his mother call „Melvin, would you come to the kitchen please?“. He rushed down the stairs while saying „I'm coming!“. He came down the stairs and took a left to the newly-rennovated kitchen in which his mother, Jesse, was preparing a meal as s…

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SkyGreen24 SkyGreen24 31 March 2017

Sensual Sky Weekend 9 - Skai teech u how 2 git gud

Welcome to the ninth installment of Sensual Sky Weekends!

Following the reformation of the wiki I decided to put some effort into making the wiki more alive again, and, being such an interesting person, I decided to act on it through blog posts. Sensual Sky Weekends™ is a blog post series in which I talk about stuff in hopes that people might find it interesting.

Today's topic will be Skai teech u how 2 git gud or just me explaining how you stop being a newbie.


Happy Easter bbybois and bbygurls. Skai now teech u how 2 git gud. Including manners, wiki coding and much much more. This is only a guideline and your road to becoming the hokage a respectable wiki user will probably be different and last a while. But it's fun, so why not?


The …

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SkyGreen24 SkyGreen24 6 January 2015

Weekly Debate Lounge

Straying from your provided stance, arguing based on logical fallacies, not following the topic, etc. will be considered impurities.

Note: Due to the NCNC rule, we will try to avoid religious and political topics that might make people break the rule, so we'll try to focus on philosophical debates and other issues that do not have the need to connect to OTL too much.

Although I do expect that due to the devil's advocate that people will focus more on the art of debating rather than breaking NCNC.

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SkyGreen24 SkyGreen24 8 June 2014

Communist Party

This blog is outdated. Go here for more info.

This is the official page for the Communist Party. Here you will be able to state your opinions and if you are a member, join in on voting on our issues.

|seats2_title = Members of the Senate |seats2 =


  • 1 Wiki Politics
  • 2 The Party's principles, goals, and plans
  • 3 Party hierarchy and rules
    • 3.1 Issues

Wiki politics started out as a government simulation created by Mscoree. In the first elections the Progressive Party gained most seats in the Senate, followed by Labour Party and the Independent Party.

Wiki politics are back with two new parties. The growing Centrist Party and the Communist Party.

You might ask yourself a few of the following questions:

  • How do I join?
    • List yourself as a member of a party on the Go…

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SkyGreen24 SkyGreen24 15 May 2014

On the wiki users

This is a blog post dedicated to the numerous groups of the wiki, let us begin.

Note: Some users are not listed because I don't remember all the usernames. Some are categorized "wrong" because I lack information about them. I usually count in time at the wiki, number of edits, number of edits on map games and of course people's opinion. If you want to say something that might change your category, feel free to do so, although I can't ensure that I will actually change anything.

  • Newbs - Newer users, still rough on the edges
    • Scarlet Outlaw/Shadowknights1234
    • Spartian300
    • SwankyJ
    • TechnicallyIAmSean
  • Tards - Octards and Rattards
    • Octivian Marius
    • Ratc (blocked)
  • Semi-newbs - Also newer users, but more experienced
    • SkyGreen24
    • Ninjasvswarriors (blocked)
    • Saturn120
  • Ms…
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