Spartian300 Spartian300 26 February 2015

Alternate World War 2 Challenage

Okay, so I have had an idea: what if we had a contest to make an alternate world war 2? Not like if Hitler won or anything, but what if it wasn't Germany who started it? Basicaly, the challenage is to make a World War 2 timeline that is allegory. However, it has to be plasuible, of course, and there also needs to be some maps for it. (e.g. battlefronts, location of troops, extent of advence, etc.)

Details are also important, like what the POD is. The POD does need to take place in the 20th century. I will attempt to make a timeline as an example, so stay tuned!

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Spartian300 Spartian300 10 February 2015

Famous fictional characters as countries

So, last night at dinner, I was talking with my mom about what countries are like characters from the Office (U.S. version). I then had the idea of what countries/states/provinces are most like fictional characters. Here are my ideas:

Columbia = Walter White. (Breaking Bad)

Florida = Jessie. (Breaking Bad)

Michigan = Batman. (DC) He's the hero that Detroit needs. Just not one that works.

Russia = Dwight (The Office, US)

That is about all I got. You guys can come up with some.

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Spartian300 Spartian300 7 November 2014

Russia invades Ukraine. Predications?

Okay, so I just read an article that Russia has sent tanks into Ukraine. That is an invasion. So, what do you think will happen? how will the west respond? If I was US President, I would have solved this long ago by recognizing the Republic of The Crimea, but under a few conditions:

  1. The Crimea must not favor trade with Russia or Ukraine.
  2. Neither Russia or Ukraine may have any influence in the Crimea.
  3. Russia will make no attempt to annex the Crimea.
  4. Ukraine will make no attempt to annex the Crimea.
  5. The Crimea will remain neutral in any affairs between Russia and it's break away states. It may not support it in anyway.
  6. Russia and Ukraine will maintain a joint naval base in the Crimea.
  7. Free, democratic elections will be held in the Crimea.
  8. The Crimea…
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Spartian300 Spartian300 31 October 2014

media biasing on a massive scale....

Okay, so some of you may have heard that Pope Francis is breaking with Church tradition by saying the Big Bang and evolution are real, right? Well, if I recall, there was discussion about media bias on chat recently, and this counts.

The Catholic Church has never said evolution is not real. It is neutral on both the Big Bang and evolution. But the media blatantly went for stereotypes on Christanity here. Many are saying the new pope is the most progressive ever, when he like all the others. ( the most recent) 

This is just shameful.

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Spartian300 Spartian300 29 August 2014

New althistory book A little help?

I am currently working on an althistory story, and need some help. It is set in the year 1920, and goes all the way to 1945, and is intended as a Alternate world war 2. However, the POD is much earlier, with a French victory at Trafalgar. I may make some prequals, but first, I want to work on this. The story is called "The Lights are going out", and focuses on inter-war peroid, and WW2. Here is a preview:

Jenne Javert walked drunkenly down the streets of Paris. He glanced up at a poster on the ruins of a bombed out house. It showed Napoleon Bonaparte raising his saber in salute to Andrew Jackson after the battle of Havanna, with his men standing behind him. Their heads were bowed in shame at the defeat they had suffered, and many were wound…

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