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    Greetings everyone,

    Abya Yala

    Unexpectedly I missed the Friday which was scheduled for the third installment of this blog. Never mind, we are still sailing forth on as planned.

    Today we are covering the timeline Abya Yala written by early alternate history wiki  user Chlewey in 2007. Chlewey was also the author of several other timelines. 

    This timeline though a single page was chosen for its premise. While several times focus on a different or surviving Pre-Columbian civilization as in the case of the featured timelineAztec Empire   none that I have seen featured the Caribbean Sea as a major player. 

    In this world the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico becomes something of a Mediterranean Sea in the Americas. The diversity of islands, sea ro…

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    Roman Printing

    So have you reached the end of your work week? Or do you have a long weekend of jobs/school work before you? No matter, take a break and welcome to the second installment of Forgotten Fridays bringing to you the lost and undiscovered worlds of humanity.

    Twelve years ago an anonymous user created Roman Printing  and then left for the community to work on.

    Here is imagined a Roman World which develops by means of a small entrepreneur the means to stamp individual letters quickly to a large audience. Later stolen by the central government, printing changes the scope of Rome in the context of administration and the spreading of unofficial ideas. Over seven articles long we can imagine how the ancient world changed for both the rule…

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    At twelve years of age Alternate History wiki is a living testiment to the creativty of web users all around the globe and diversity of historical perceptives

    Simpily, put so many flowers have bloomed here that they have buried themselves beneath the soil, outside of the Sun's reach.

    So, we begin our Forggoten Fridays. Every week here a succifecntly old timeline will be presented, at least for the start most of thease will be at least five years old. Emphasis will be put on works which came from the 2000's.

    We have,

    Cambrige Computing 

    A story where love between two mathematicans start the development of alternative intelligence over four decades early in the 1940's. Both unconvential in their time Alan Turing and Ludwig Wittgenstein …

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