The CSA was created in 1861 after a 3 year battle,in which genral Grant surrdeners. After taking over Boston and New York City,the US is annexned to the CSA. Eventlay,Newfoundland and Labdoor is annxed to the CSA in 1867. Many nations in North America started fearing them afterwards. 

In 1900,a Spainsh American War happens,causing Cuba,Hati,and the Dutch Caribeaan to be annxed to the CSA. Later that year,a South American War happens,causing all of South America(expcet for Tierra Del Fugo) to be annexed. Also,the Mexican Emprie is annexed to the CSA.

During World War II,Brtian sold it's domions of the Bahamas,Belize,St Kitts,Anitgua and Barbuda,Dominca,Trindad and Tabgo,and the province of Tierra Del Fugo,which is marked as Amish terrtory.

In the 1950's,the CSA got into a cold war with Canda. However,in 1991,all of Canda,inculding the provinces of Berumda,Jamiamica,and Turks and Cakos were annexed to the CSA.

Finally,in 2003 the CSA bought Alaska as a state.

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