Walt Disney Company

Founed in 1923,this company is perhaps the largest movie company in the world. Same as otl,but Disney did not buy Fox.

Parmount Bros.

Formed in 1983 as the merger between Warner Bros and Parmount,the comapny arged to use Parmounts style of closed captioning,VHS and home media relases. The company is owned by Viacom and opreates many tv channels such as Cartoon Network and Nickoldeon.

Sony Colubmia-Tristar


Same as OLT,but the Dreamworks anamtion branch was not bought until 2012 by 20th Centry MGM.

20th Centry MGM

Formed in 2001 as the merger between MGM and 20th Centry Fox,the compain uses MGM closed captions and home media relases style.


Founed in 1912,this comapny is perhaps the oldest of the bunch. Owns a cable company called Ixifnty.

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