The merger of Spectrum(which bought the other companies in 1998 in this timeline) and Xfintiy in 2003 ,this company is good for many cable guys. Aside from the Spectrum News network,this company contains an extenise on-demand libary,a app for streaming,and voice remote,Netxfilx intergation,so you can watch all your orginal connet in one place. You can also manage your internet from your TV. With a large amount of HD channels,and quality DVR service,this is one cable company to brag about. Plus,it comes with fast interernet and the ablity to track scores.


The merger of Froniter and DirecTV in 2004,this company has it all. You can get up to 3 options,cable ,satliaite,,or ditgaal. It comes with a TV app for watching TV shows on the go or away from home. The freedom TV pack lets you cut your cable bill,saving money and unwanted channels. Plus it comes with cord cutting options. It's cable option contains a channel peek feature,which lets the viewer see what's on next without changing the channel. You can also watch up to 8 channels on 1 channel,and enjoy HD and 4K content. You will also get acess to the NFL Sunday Ticket,meaning you can watch all your sports. It also comes with a large on demand libary of 20,000 titles. It features all major sports networks too.


The merger of RCN and Dish in 2005,this company is most noted for it's DVR,the Hopper filled with awesome features. Aside from the other stuff which will be in anthoer blog,this DVR has servaral apps like Youtube,Netfilx,and Facebook. It has support for HD,like the others. It has Amazon Alexa intergation for voice control,meaning it is tech savey. It has over 8000 free on Demand titles,over 70 SiurisXM channels,free Echo Dot serive and free HBO serive for one year,and free preuim channels for 3 months.


The merger of Cox and Centrylink in 2006,this company has mutiple DVR's to chosse from,large amount of channels,the Genge DVR,mobile viewing,support for 4K,72 rewind feature to watch shows from 3 days ago,tons of on demand concent,voice controled remote,and wide range of sports options.

Spectity:New England and Mid Alantic

FrontierTV:South and Flordia


CentryCox:Other regions

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