Thewolvesden Thewolvesden 26 May 2017

State of the Wiki Nr. 1: Edge Resigning, UR vs Ace


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Thewolvesden Thewolvesden 17 February 2017

Explaining Last Night's Behaviour

So last night, I was very miserable and dark-minded. I didn't want to spam y'all and to be so melodramatic about it. I just hit a downpoint which triggered this. I am ok, nothing happened since. But I want to apologize because I know people don't like it. 

Sorry for everything guys, truly. 

Your Wolves/Andy/AM

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Thewolvesden Thewolvesden 2 January 2017

Ace and Sealion

So, how do I start?

Ace left the wiki and apparently, he got the word Sealion banned on Great.

He has slandered our name enough. I vote for his official expulsion from the wiki. I know this hasn't been done before without any wiki rule ground, but it's gone too far. 

For our wiki and for the TSPTF


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Thewolvesden Thewolvesden 25 September 2016

Did It My Way - SSC


The Final Speech of General McGuire Before His Execution

By Thewolvesden

My name is Andrew McGuire. General Andrew McGuire. I am a general in the British army, and a proud Scotsman, and aged 79. But now, the end, my death, is near. You will deal the blow. Now I face the final curtain, the final breaths of my life. And my friends, I say it clear, I will state my case. I am very certain of it.

I have lived a full life. Full of squashing rebellions, a crisis, and now this war. My life has always revolved around keeping the peace. I have sailed on each and every ship of the UN. Aye, that I did.

I planned each charted course, each decision, each tiny little step in my life. How to defeat rebels, troublemakers and the sort of humans who destroy hu…

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Thewolvesden Thewolvesden 1 August 2016

Dark Skies, Clouded Minds - SSC

Dark Skies, Clouded Minds

By Thewolvesden



The sky was dark, but the streets below were as lively as ever. Guns being shot and people screaming in agony has become a more usual background noise ever since that damned asteroid crashed into Earth. The young man, no more than twenty, turned around to the sleeping bag, where a little boy slept. Looking at his brother, memories of the youth’s past clouded his mind. The day his father left to look for food and never came back. The day his mother was shot in front of his eyes in her back by some looter. The dead body of the looter. Cut up and profaned. His sister, dead, blood flowing from her head; a gun in her hand.

Now the food was at least given out in rations, but looters were everywhere, and t…

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