Did It My Way


The Final Speech of General McGuire Before His Execution

By Thewolvesden

My name is Andrew McGuire. General Andrew McGuire. I am a general in the British army, and a proud Scotsman, and aged 79. But now, the end, my death, is near. You will deal the blow. Now I face the final curtain, the final breaths of my life. And my friends, I say it clear, I will state my case. I am very certain of it.

I have lived a full life. Full of squashing rebellions, a crisis, and now this war. My life has always revolved around keeping the peace. I have sailed on each and every ship of the UN. Aye, that I did.

I planned each charted course, each decision, each tiny little step in my life. How to defeat rebels, troublemakers and the sort of humans who destroy humanity’s peace. I planned even each step along the ships’ byways.

Aye, there were times when I bit off more than I could chew. I was too confident, especially as a young colonel. Everyone is, my friends. But I managed to pass through it all, as evidenced by me going to die soon. When there was doubt, I ate the wrongs up and spat them out. I crushed the rebellious, the unjust, fighting against the troublemakers of this world. I faced it all, and I stood tall.

I have loved, yes. But I never founded a family, and God above is the only one who will inherit anything. I have nothing to leave behind except a story of a man devoted to his country, to his planet. Yet, I have laughed and cried as well. I am not inhuman after all. I’ve had my fill and my shares of losing.

Regrets, I have a few. The execution of many Belters on Mathilda during their support of the independent factions beyond the Belt. The brutal Martian campaign. And many others. But then again, my friends, these are too few regrets to even mention. I did what I had to do for my country, and I did it without exemption. And now, as death approaches, I find it all so amusing. To think that I did all that, and may I say, not in a shy way, my friends. Oh no, not me.

I’ve been criticized, called a monster, for what I did. But what is man? What has he got if not himself? If he has not himself, then he has nothing. Nothing, I say! He has the right to say the things he feels! I did that! And yet I am criticized. I didn’t, and won’t now, say the words of one who kneels! I fought for my country, my King and, most of all, my planet. Earth. And now, I stand here, on this square in Willemstad, and I prepare for death, to go to heaven. You traitorous Elysians will deal the blow. It was hopeless. The Belt had been lost, and the enemy had reinforced. My only hope of honourable death crushed, I hope I can enter God above’s realm, the paradise.

For I am Andrew McGuire, proud Scotsman, and I am facing the final curtain, the black emptiness of death.


This recording is of the last speech of General Andrew McGuire, leader of the UNAPA Martian Front, minutes before his execution. He was arrested following the surrender of the UNAPA forces and was the main target of the Willemstad Trials For Crimes Against the Human Subspecies (often shortened to the Willemstad Trials). He was sentenced to death by shooting squad. The original of the recording is kept in the Great Archive of the Trichotomy on Callisto.

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