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  • I live in Vienna, Austria
  • I was born on December 4
  • My occupation is Psychologist and proud daddy of two
  • I am Male
  • Thewolvesden

    Before starting with the book ideas, I want to say that this week, with the start of the series, there will be a week full of Idea Tuesday. Hope you enjoy it.

    This book idea of today is inspired by Oerwinde's Sundered Veil timeline. The change is that in 1415, some British cultists break the barrier between the natural and supernatural. Thus, many events occured during that time. 

    The protagonists are 2-5 magic students (yes, magic exists) from Eastern European nations (maybe Serbia, Ragusa, Wallachia/Dacia, Novgorod, Byzantium, Trebizond, Georgia etc.) that go study in one of the cities of magic, Constantinople (some of the others being London, Avignon, Copenhagen, Baghdad and Kyoto). During their study there, they experience the murder of …

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  • Thewolvesden

    Due to technical difficulties, the first post is gonna be next Tuesday.

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  • Thewolvesden

    Hi guys, I just thought I'll maybe put my ideas on here. As an author, I search for inspiration every day, but I also have many ideas I never get around to create. Every Tuesday there will be a post! See ya

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