When I make this Blog post, be aware I have been on this wiki for a while. I am no Crony account. So that is that. Now to the point.

It's time for a Pardon of the Cronies


  • The person most involved in the more recent Drama, United Republic, is no longer within our community or active.
  • The cronies by now have ceased all alleged malicious activity, and simply own a very humorous reddit.
  • The extreme Anti Crony mob mentality earlier became a sign of crushing opposition to the administration - we would benefit from closing this dark chapter.
  • It would prove to assist in clearing up the allegations from earlier, many dubious when examining evidence.
  • They have done many great contributions, ones that cannot be overturned. 

No, I am not delegitmizing the mods, this is up to them, merely my opinion, this is a serious opinion, and not a joke, like many other comments on modding have been.

We Should At Least Restore the Old Boer Suffered

This will generate less fire, so I understand my points above might generate anger, though its up to the mods, I see this point as a no brainer.

  • The Old Boer Suffered did NOT copy and paste wikipedia. I checked the restored sections, though only part could be restored, (which is why this site should fully) and yes some was wikipedia copied, but same went for Pax Colombia, and that is allowed. Much is original, one example being a more Feudal France, also the name changes are interesting. I feel removing it was a "show act" as setting an example for future abusers.
  • The Old Boer Suffered did NOT have malicious materials. Even if you think my first point isnt good enough and The Old Boer Suffered lacked enough originality, the lack of malicious materials makes me question; what is the point of this? 
  • United Republic, a person with VERY serious vendetta against the cronies, as well as no longer ACTIVE; ie not relevant issue anymore, deleted the Old Boer Suffered. 
  • Not enough mods were consulted when I saw the TSPTF page, only UR annoucing the deletion and attempting to justify, and a few claims of approval.
  • Many people have commented on this, and been been 1. Shut down. 2. Accused of being a crony themselves by United Republic. So thus I felt the need to comment.

Mods, I respect your decesion, I know this is controversial, but I feel another perspective is needed. I can be civil.

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