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Cygnian Marriage Act Referendum

Hello friends! As some of you may be aware, a will be held in Cygnia on 14 June. To help determine the outcome of the referendum, I would like to open the polls to all users on the wiki. You may cast your vote and, if you wish, switch it anytime until 10 February, when it will be locked and I will count the votes. The results as represented in this poll will contribute to the results of the referendum.

On 29 January, Congress passed a bill entitled the Marriage Act Amendment Referendum Act, introduced by the Brandt Government. This act aimed to institute this referendum, which is in turn aimed at changing the Marriage Act of 1961, which is currently as follows:

Should the referendum pass, the amended Marriage Act will read as follows:

The ques…

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Key to Survival - SSC

I HALF EXPECT to hear her keys jingle.

Instead, silence echoes up the stairs.

Why on earth does my mother have to take me to the airport? She's always so distrustful of other drivers. Always thinking they will make me late, or kidnap me, or something. It's only a bit of a drive from Carine to get to the airport, and the plane leaves in two hours! What's the rush? Mother knows best, I suppose.

I cannot wait till I fly. I cannot wait till I finally leave this overly neat house and flee to Japan to begin university. To start my life afresh. A real life, without the influence of that woman. I cannot wait.

"Tony, have you seen my keys?" comes the familiar squeaky voice.

"No, mother," I reply. Damn it. She's always losing those keys. And today of all …

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