• Yan Hoek

    Yan's 2014

    January 2, 2015 by Yan Hoek

    So here's a few things I did this year. Stuff that either inspired me or got me thinking about Althistory in other ways.

    January - Was nominated and won a couple of 2014 Stirling awards which is much appreciated. It's nice to know I'm not just ranting into a vacuum.

    March - Had a look at my draft second TL Hungary Victorious at Lechfeld. Spell checked it, wrote a couple of sentences and then shelved it for another 6 months. One Day, one day. Probably then wrote 500 words on some random German statelet.

    April - Went to Croatia. Plotted out a short story set in KU's TL in Venetian run Croatia. Didn't write a single word down. Read The Great Sea: A Human History of the Mediterranean by David Abulafia which got me thinking about Southern Europe which …

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  • Yan Hoek

    300: Rise of a Union

    April 10, 2014 by Yan Hoek

    So anyway, I wrote my 299th article earlier today.

    I kinda know what the next one and the one after and the one after that will be but if anyone wants to put in a request no matter how big or small or obscure then it'll be immortalised forever as no. 300.

    (Although it will no doubt be full of spelling mistakes and poorly strung together sentences like everything else)

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  • Yan Hoek

    Stanislav Petrov

    September 27, 2013 by Yan Hoek

    Just as an addition to the Community Note that Doomsday was thirty years ago - there is an interview with the man himself on the BBC website.

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  • Yan Hoek

    Sealand mourns...

    October 12, 2012 by Yan Hoek

    I'd just like to spread the sad news that Prince Roy of Sealand has passed away after battling alzheimers.

    And I'd like to salute the spirit and determination of the guy. We need more idiosyncratic people like him!

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  • Yan Hoek

    Random Map Game Idea

    September 28, 2012 by Yan Hoek

    Just a random thought, has anyone ever tried to do a map game in the style of Settlers of Catan?

    I was just thinking along the lines of a post-ice age reclamation of Europe scenario. Divide Europe into hexagons, sprinkle resources randomly, roll back the ice cap and tundra every few turns and let tribes battle it out for the future of Europe?

    This would last from say 18,000 BC to maybe 1000 BC in 250/500yr intervals. Maybe going beyond that if people were interested.

    Feel free to shoot down...

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