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Dear member of Wikia Staff. I am neither an admin nor a greatly esteemed member of this community, but a concerned user if anything. I don't know if anything I am saying has any weight to it as a result, but I feel quite adamant about this issue in particular; please do not make use change our infoboxes to what you proposed.

Firstly, the new templates displayed here look bad. Users on this wiki have spent hours trying to create good looking templates that convey their message while complimenting the page itself. The post references templates on Wikipedia, and we've spent a great deal of time and effort in creating templates that look like templates on Wikipedia. Infoboxes like that are standard in the online encyclopedia format because of sites like Wikipedia, which have spawned professional looking and well put together templates. This migration appears to be undoing all of that.

And let's look at the result. As it stands when I load this wiki on my mobile device, I am presented with well formatted and constructed templates, which convey their information well on the mobile format. How does making a watered down version of that template improve mobile? When I view some of your examples on mobile it looks exactly the same, minus the "themes", which are generally an eye sore. The only thing this update consistently changes is the desktop experience, because it forces me to see that version of the template on desktop.

Running the conversion on a number of templates as a test, the migration actually makes them broken. As in, this migration is completely counter to its purpose; it makes mobile reading harder if not impossible. And as said above, the templates look generally bad. They are blocks of color with parameters thrown about. And don't tell me you expect our wiki to go through and manually fix/replace the hundreds of infoboxes our wiki uses.

I was likewise annoyed when Wikipedia changed the text and margins and what not, because that did not improve my mobile experience at all, it just made my desktop experience look amateur and generally worse. Luckily, I found a way to fix that, and I hope if you make infoboxes change there is a fix for that to. That update is still making problems, for example (ironically) I still run into broken templates and pages when trying to read pages on mobile. On the surface this initiative looks like another attempt by Wikia staff to "improve" mobile. In reality all it does is actually break our wiki, make reading worse, and generally have little impact on mobile.

I apologize for messaging you all this when you probably have nothing to do with this change. I simply saw you message an admin on here about it, and I thought I should let you know why this update is bad for our wiki. Please do not make our wiki adopt this migration. Thank you, Tr0llis (talk) 22:41, July 23, 2015 (UTC)

Hello, I noticed this being talked about in chat and wanted to say something. What is the point of this update? I am a mobile user, and I want to know if this update was made to actually ruin my experience.

"Wikia traffic is changing, and infoboxes need to change with it." Why? Maybe the increase in mobile users means people on mobile are having a good time using it like it is. This update actually makes it impossible for me to read a page. The majority of our templates when converted would be an essay long page of code gibberish. And the 1% that do work are blue rectangles. How does that make mobile better?

The Infobox Migration page claims we need to make infoboxes change (for some reason). It doesn't say how any of that actually correlates to mobile traffic.

  • Increase in mobile traffic. Great
  • We need to adapt our thinking because of this growing traffic. Sure I guess so.
  • Click convert.

You make a legitimate sounding point by presenting all this data about mobile, but no where is there any data stating that this conversion helps mobile, or increases traffic, or does anything, frankly. And there's no connection between mobile traffic and the need to change infoboxes, so that really makes me wonder why this is being done at all.

Wikia is the only website in the world it seems that sees their website becoming popular and then elects to break the way it looks negatively. Why not invest all this time and effort into making the mobile version of the site look nice. If there's a mobile version of the site anyway, what's the point. Why do I need to see a horrible and broken looking template on desktop. And worse of all why do I need to see it on mobile too.

I hope our admins have some common sense and actively boycott this update. I feel that would be for the good of this entire wiki. Fritzmet (talk) 23:02, July 23, 2015 (UTC)

Can't really argue with the above posts, myself. We won't be changing. Lordganon (talk) 08:06, August 27, 2015 (UTC)

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