Pre-War Stage:

Population of Rwanda: 4,000,000 + 8

Population of Buganda: 1,500,000 + 3

Casus Belli:

Religious War + 5 


Existential Threat + 2

Part two of Defense:

Defending historic lands + 5

Defending the Crown + 4


  • Monarchy


Rwanda: 60,000 + 18

Buganda: 20,000 + 6

Attacking Land

Near the center of a government/ state +4.5

Near a populated border + 2

Defending Land

Near a center of government/state + 6

Near a populated border + 2


Jungle - 4

War with Buganda

After two turns of my conversion deals to Buganda being ignored by the mods, I lost my patience, starting raiding Bugandan villages, and issued the final warning. They refused to convert. (finally the mods responded). I will have to conquer Buganda itself to send the religion of rationality towards them(kurzirsm), but I thought I would tell you. Next turn is time for war. Can you try to help Rwanda?

Warrioroffreedom123 (talk) 21:55, September 1, 2016 (UTC)Warrioroffreedom123

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