Alternative History
Timeline: One Religion Timeline
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Ceb / Kep
Language Buw̉iịun / Borean
Cel / Ghel {Unknown}
Hẹịc̉ / Hayk {Unknown}
Area 2,372,582 km²
Population 1,365,754,723 
Established 1 BAU (Buda au Usic̉uw / Foundation of Usikuu)
Independence 9,854 BC / 1 BAU)
Currency C̉ac̉ / Kak

The God eu Mac̉i nation of Usic̉uw (City of the God) is one of the main countries in God eu Mac̉, in Europe and North Africa, the only area of land to never have suffered any loss. This is partially due to their position, protected from Asian attack by the Anitolin peninsula and the Ural mountains, and protected from Africa by the Mediterranean sea. It has only experienced one war, against Unuw-sic̉uwu, for contol of the Mediterranean area. The Usic̉uwi won the battle.

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