Republic of Utah
Flag of Utah (Vegetarian World)
Official languages None; Standard Numish is the lingua franca.
Capital Salt Lake City
Largest City Las Vegas
Salt Lake City
Population 2,016,000
HDI 0.926
Republic formed 1875
Currency Utah Dollar (UTD)
Our Timeline Equivalent Nevada, Utah, western Colorado, southern Wyoming, far north Arizona)
UTH Monument Valley (VegWorld)

Monument Valley International Peace Park, on Utah's side

Utah is a republic located in central western Pemhakamik, to the east of Pacifica's California region. Utah is one of the richest nations in the world. While most Utahans live a modern life, many still choose to live somewhat traditionally in designated areas. The wealth of Utah comes mostly from Las Vegas, which attracts many Pacificans and others from Pemhakamik and around the world. Catering to foreigners, Utah is cautious about the extent to which Las Vegas plays a role, as excessive gambling is seen as a vice and brings in a widely ethnically divergent populace. With this in mind, the area surrounding Las Vegas is unable to be built upon, assuring that Las Vegas remains a place of hotels more than sprawling suburbs. Salt Lake City, on the other hand, is a much more quiet city. Most of the country is arid, semi-arid, and/or mountainous.

UTH Las Vegas Strip (VegWorld)

Las Vegas Strip



69% Non-vegetarian
31% Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

61% Numic
27% Shoshone
18% Ute (OTL Ute and Southern Paiute)
09% Paiute (OTL Northern Paiute)
07% other Numic or mixed Numic
15% European (Pacifican Caucasians, etc)
09% Oriental (Pacifican Oriental, Japanese, Chinese)
06% other Pemhakamik Aboriginals
02% Indian
05% mixed-race
02% others (multi-race, Ethiopian, etc)


Regional languages generally coincide with tribe boundaries. Numish is most common in Salt Lake City and other urban areas, besides Las Vegas, which is predominantly English-speaking.

71% Numic
23% Numish (generally, a Shoshone-Ute mix with many English loanwords)
48% other Numic (generally correlating with ethnic group)
20% English
09% others (Japanese, Chinese, other Pemhakamik Aboriginal languages, Spanish, etc)


72% Non-religious
53% atheist
19% agnostic
12% Indigenous beliefs
10% Cathar
03% Christian
03% others (Buddhist, etc)
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