The uyezds of Alaska (Russian: уезды Аляски, uyezdy Alyaski) are the primary subdivisions of the governorates of the Alaskan Democratic Federative Republic. An uyezd is of Slavic origin and is loosely translated as "county" in English.

The Russian Empire was initially divided into uyezds. This changed under the rule of Peter the Great, in which uyezds became the subdivision of the newly established governorates and oblasts. No formal uyezds were established in Russian America until the 1840s. Prior to which, North America was divided into several administrative districts of the Russian-American Company. Following the Russian Revolution, Alaska continued to use uyezds, while the Soviet Union abandon them for raions.

The majority of Alaska's governorates are divided into uyezds. The only exceptions are the Queen Charlotte Islands and Vancouver Island, which are formally divided into English-based counties (which are politically no different from uyezds). By comparison, the uyezds of Alaska are equivalent to the counties of the United States, the municipalities of Mexico, and the contemporary raions of the Russian Federation (and many former republics of the Soviet Union).

List of Uyezds

California Lone Star Flag 1836 Sonoma

Uyezds of Sonoma (Russian America)

The 28 uyezds and the sole independent city of Sonoma.

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