Republic of Vandalia
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: parts of South-central Illinois
Flag of Illinois Seal of Illinois
Flag Seal
Location of Vandalia

State sovereignty, national union

Anthem "Hail Vandalia"
Capital Vandalia
Largest city Salem
  others Spanish
Government Republic
President Rick Gottman
Area 7,761 km²
Population 101,408 
Currency Vandalian dollar
Organizations Dixie Alliance



The state quickly fell into chaos after Doomsday, and only small city-states were dotting the landscape. In 2006, a East America Alliance expedition north into the otherwise unknown parts of the state discovered a city-state functioning in the old state capitol of Vandalia. They treated the city-state like how they treated Portland, and begun suppling funding to the small state. Over the years they helped the Vandalians expand to their present borders. On June 24th, 2009 the Vandalians officially signed on to the East America Alliance. This was part of an effort to distance themselves from the neo-Confederate image their name creates.


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Vandalian President Rick Gottman

The Vandalian government is the pre-Doomsday United States government in miniature. The nation consists of five states (OTL counties), which elect representatives to the National Legislature in Vandalia. All citizens of Vandalia can vote, regardless of gender, or race. The President can only serve two four year terms and must be at least 40 years of age. The citizens of the republic directly elect their government officials, with the total lack of a Electoral College.
250px-VandaliaStateHouse VandaliaIL

Vandalian Capitol Building


The states have a relationship that is unique compared to the other survivor states in the former United States. It is the weaker union of the pre-Civil War United States. The states elect governors, who can petition the government to help serve the state's interest. The government, however, is entitled to veto these petitions if they are not in the benefit of the nation as a whole.

Political Parties

The pre-Doomsday Republican and Democratic Parties still exist, albeit with less representation. In the spirit of the late great President Abraham Lincoln, many of the politicians defected to the nonpartisan National Union Party. This has helped significantly in making the government more responsible to the people than to party loyalties. Lincoln's original party, the Republican party is more noticeable than the Democrat Party by far.


There is a small Vandalian army. They have been trained rigorously by the East America Alliance, and as such are armed with state-of-the-art weaponry.


The Vandalian economy is based on agriculture. They make huge profits selling the excess produce to their allies in the Alliance and Toledo and North Pennsylvania. There is also a thriving bio-fuel industry in Vandalia. The Alliance also originally helped the Vandalians produce their own currency. Currently the Vandalians are surveying Vandalia's territory for mineral resources.

International Relations

The Vandalians are a member of the East American Alliance, and so have good relations with the other member states. They have also established relations with the Republic of Superior, the Quad Cities Alliance, and the nearby state of Charleston.

Current Situation

3194339-Stagecoach Museum-Lusk

A typical Vandalian Stagecoach.

The Vandalians have regressed to a Nineteenth Century standard of living. Horse-pulled stagecoaches are now the common mode of transportation. The only field that is still 20th Century is the military and medicine.
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