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*Not to be taken too seriously.

In the Vegetarian World, India becomes a major world power. The Cathars survive the crusades against them and vegetarian Catharism becomes a major religion in Europe and later elsewhere. Many other non-vegetarian related events occur, and this leads to a world not completely unlike our own, but quite different in many ways, too. The Vegetarian World has well over 100 pages (and counting) and is fully fleshed out (or "veggied out", as the case may be) with demographics info, maps, flags, and even some photos!

As you might guess, a large percentage of people in this timeline are vegetarians. However, not everyone is a vegetarian (though animal rights movements are growing). Other differences with OTL include the "facts" that the distribution and types of religions are rather different, the world is composed of more nations, the human population is much lower, and the natural world has been preserved to a much greater extent. Many things that do not specifically relate to vegetarianism are discussed.

The "Vegetarian World" is created by Riction.

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  1. This is not my image of a perfect world. Neither would I agree that the current nations' borders should be redrawn to represent my Vegetarian World vision of it. Although all althistories show biases and mine is no exception, often things exist in my world that I would not wish to exist in a perfect world. However, I do admit that in general, I do prefer this ATL world to the OTL world.
  2. This isn't meant to be a true representation of "what if" things had turned out differently. Even if my points of divergence had occurred in the real world, I know that my althist would not be the result. Things are guided by a not-quite omniscient being (me, that is), and are not left up to fate. Of course, this is just fiction and is not a real alternate universe (I would make my creation even better, if I truly had the power), so I have free artistic reign.
  3. Some people from the real world show up in my alternate history. See the "I have free artistic reign" part above to see how people alive in our world show up hundreds of years after points of departure happen. However, I'll also attempt an explanation that sounds reasonable. With my guidance, the right sperm and the right egg managed to still meet everytime, or the DNA just came together in the right way to produce that person. As I'm also of the opinion that nature plays a part in people, in addition to nurture, if there is a major difference between specific people in my world and the real world, it's also possible that a child of a different genetic makeup was born but given the same name that would have gone to the person who was born in our timeline.
  4. Events that happen on the same dates or around the same time as in the real world, again, are like that simply because it's easy for me to remember and easy for readers to compare to the events as they unfurled in our timeline.