Alternative History

Venetian Empire at its Prime [1380]

The Venetian Empire [Italian Impero Veneziano, Venetian Inpèrio Veneziano ] was an Empire that existed between the years of 1206-1450 in all regions of Europe. At its height, it was the most powerful military and economic state in Europe, and the Second most powerful in the world (Behind the Kievan Rus Empire and ahead of the Nation of the Teutonic Order]

The empire was founded by Dario Bernazini following a successful coup against the Republic of Venice in 1206. The empire remained roughly within the quarters of the Republic until 1224 when Emperor Claudio expanded the empire via trade and warfare, seizing land all over Europe, this was carried on through the next two centuries until 1412 when, under pressure from the Pope and uprisings in Finland and Tunisia caused a halt to the expansion of the empire. Over the next 36 years much land was forced to be sold due to the decline of its main ally, the Byzantine Empire and The Four Nations War. By 1448 the Empire was reduced to a state of 20,000 sq mi and eventually was forced to become a part of the Italian League in 1450.

The empire was a medieval superpower and rivaled nations even as powerful as the Turkish and Russian, boasting massive naval power and advanced land infantry.


In January 1205 Pietro Ziani was elected Doge of Venice. As his first act of Doge he began claiming larger taxes from those who had a smaller cost of living, claiming that it would enable the Republic to lose its slum title by forcing poorer people to migrate to other countries while keeping those of higher status with the region. He also forced people to leave the city of Venice by burning down several homes of the working class. This was met with public uproar from the working class, and the city of Venice became a place of riots. In response to this he created the short lived Grand Militia of Venice by recruiting more soldiers and oppressing rebellion.

For a few months there was little rebellion, however in November 1205 Dario Bernazini, an Engineer from Trieste fed up with the events of the new Doge, brought up a gang of rebels, took over Trieste and formally revolted from the Republic. By March he had pushed to within 20 miles of Venice, however he was pushed back at the Battle of Meolo by an overwhelming Italian Force. Despite this Dario regrouped and by July he had seized most of the land around Venice and made a small blockade around the gulf from stolen ships in Venice. In October he pushed into the capital and, mainly due the lack of supplies within the walls, captured the city with ease.