The 20th March


Is 2016, Venezuela is divided in 2 sides:The Oposition and the Government.The 2 sides are in Economic War but this go to change in February with the attacks to the President Nicolás Maduro.

In August the Vice-President of Venezuela say:´´Now this is The End of Venezuela´´.The Economy is falling the Months are february the finest our are maked it.



2th February

-The 2th of September,300 citizens attack the Town Hall of Barcelona with Molotovs and Stones but the polices establish the order but the Town Hall are burned.

-The National Assembly declares this a cold situation in Venezuela for the attack of the Oposition to the Town Hall.

5th February

-The Oposition declares a situation of absolute crisis in Venezuela.

-The Army of Venezuela Mobilizes.

7th February

-The Governor of Sucre declares totally help to the Oposition.

-The Loyal states to the Government don't send materials to Sucre for help the Oposition.

12th February

-Venezuela send 20.000 troops to Sucre.

-The Governor of Sucre recruits 1.200 citizens to make it your ´´Guards´´.

20th February

-The NATO support the Oposition Movement.

-The USA announce the Official help to the Oposition.

26th February

-Now the Oposition declares the official Movement:Venezuela Comunist Front.

-The Capital of the Front is Barcelona.


1th March

-In March the Oposition have Influence in Coro,Delta Amacuro ,Barcelona and others cities with much poblation in Venezuela

-Venezuela make the Martial Law in all the country for the coup of the Movement.

3th March

-Russia declares the total help to Venezuela.

-The NATO make a treaty with the VFF.The Treaty of Barcelona.

7th March.

-The VFF make influences in Coro and Delta Amacuro.

-The Army of Venezuela send to prison 4 spies of the VFF.

-The situation in Venezuela are so intense.

-The VFF kill the Governor of Lechería.

9th March

-The National Guard kill a spy in the Town Hall of Caracas.

13th March

-The VFF recruits 3.700 citizens.

-The Army patrol more for the increase of rebels in the country.

-The President of Venezuela,declare the situation a ´´Civil War´´-

17th March

-The VVF mobilize all the troops of the front(26.000).

-The Chief of the VVF,talk with the governor of Delta Amacuro.

20th March

-The day 20th of March,the troops of the Front take the South-East states and Coro.

-The Venezuela Civil War start.


1th April

-The War continues

6th April

-the General W. Freites is killed by the VFF.

-The Siege of Delta Amacuro is losed for part of the Government.

-3.000 troops of the Government are killed and 6.000 captured.

13th April

-Barcelona is re-taked cy the VFF.

-The President of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro suicides it.

19th April

-The VFF take City Bolivar.

-The Chief of the VFF are rescued.


1th May

-The Civil war ends

-The Comunism is established in Venezuela.

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