Union of Venturan City States

Timeline: 1983: Doomsday
Official languages English, Spanish
Capital Ventura, Oxnard, Port Huneme
Independence from USA Current constitution, January, 2010
Population Est. 50,000
Area 132.1 Sq.mi
Currency No official currency

Ventura is a newly formed country, that is made up of three city states, each of which serves as the countries capital.



When the bombs fell on Ventura's closest county and city Los Angeles, the country fell into complete and utter anarchy. There was no form of anything no gangs no organizations, nothing, everyone was left to fend for themselves in the threat that other people may steal the resources they gathered. The closest thing to any form of government the area had where families, that stayed together in homes that where turned into fortresses.

Some time after Doomsday

Around the year 1991 raiders took rise and gangs where formed, gangs usually composed of a group of families working together. These gangs where incredibly xenophobic and gang wars where frequent in the area. Some Time later possibly within the year 2005 these gangs discovered the Chumash Republic to the north, after discovery of this country most of the gangs in the area realized they could benefit more from raiding the country for resources than raiding each other. Gang alliances where formed shortly after.

Current Constitution

At the turn of the century gangs began to look forward wanting a stable form of government within the area. With in the new millennium there had been attempts to establish stable city states with in the county but all of them had broken down, do to war, territorial disputes, or lack of care for the governments. In 2010 a final attempt has been made to establish a stable government that seems to be working, there are jobs available, rebuilt homes etc. When this country was formed they where denied into the League of Nations, because of there legalization of raiding other countries, and areas for resources, rather than produce there own. Recently they have seen good relations with Santa Cruz being another nation that allows slavery, although Ventura does not have that many slaves, they tend to focus more on raiding than slaving.

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